Every August a new Madden NFL video game comes out.  Many of the new features and changes are based on feedback from the community.  Madden 19 is already being developed so now is a great time to get your comments and suggestions in.

Feel free to leave your wishlist on the Madden School Facebook Page and make sure to like other community members’ comments that you want to see implemented into Madden 19.

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  • Incorporate Head Coach into CFM. If I do a CFM as a player, I should control the player in games but should not be able to control roster moves or make owner decisions. If I choose to do a CFM as a coach, I call the plays and watch the players execute the plays. As a coach, I would have access to make personnel moves. If I choose to do a CFM as an owner, I can manage stadium, concessions, staff/player salaries; however, you can only watch the games (no play calling or controlling players)

    • This is an interesting take on CFM. Personally I hate CFM, I thought 07 superstar mode was light years better. You should not be able to choose your own team in any of the three categories. If you’re a player you should get drafted top whoever needs you. If you are a coach then depending on your style of play you could get hired on as a HC, OC or DC. If you stop well enough you should get an option of staying with your team with a greater possibility of being the HC there or leave to pursue other options. The owner would be very different however I like what you said about it so I won’t say anymore on that. This is why NBA 2K and MLB the show is much better than Madden. Madden could still make money with their MUT but if they put something like what you and I have said with these visuals. This would truly be amazing.

  • I think the changes I would like to see are in the CFM. Player regression can get a little out of hand sometimes. I think if a player that is at the age of major regression has a great yr that player should regress less. For players that are older that have a sub par season regression is understandable. I think more milestone goals for players should be added to the list of players goals, such as bounce back season(XP gain would be like 25,000). I’m sure more milestone goals could be added, but that was just an example. Player retirement ages should be extended. Thomas Davis for the Carolina Panthers retired after completing the first season, which was a bummer! I mean you could maybe have one of those freak retirements in a season, like Barry Sanders or something, but c’mon man. All players names should be called out in the game that come from the draft. Recruiting should be more in depth, still use the grading scale, but expand what attributes you can see. I think with players that come out of the draft should have more back round stories, especially when the announces are talking about the player. CPU teams that draft player should draft to team needs. I have been seeing a lot of 1st and 2nd round draft picks that are superstar development being cut from teams. It doesn’t make sense. The trade system is broken in the CFM. Trading needs to be more realistic. Signing players need to be more realistic. Players that have below average seasons still want more money when in contract negotiations. More CPU players need to hit the free agency market. It would be cool to see 5-6 big names pop up on the off season free agency list. When relocating ur team should only be able to relocate city. Those relocation teams brands that you can select from are garbage! Why would you change Green Bay Packers to the whatever Devils or Jack rabbits or whatever you can pick from. It would never happen!!! There needs to be like 3-4 cut scene intros, 3-4 player cut senses, 3-4 playoff win cut scenes, 3-4 Super Bowl cut scenes, more player celebrations, more team celebrations, etc., etc. Just get rid of that LongShot crap so you can fit all of this stuff in. I was prolly all over the place with what i would like to see, but hey it is what is. Theres tons more i could say about the CFM in madden, but this is all I could think of at the moment. Im sure everyone else out there has covered the rest. Thanks!

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