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7 Best NFL Free Agents Signings For Madden 16

There were a few free agent moves during the NFL offseason that will make some teams much better in Madden 16 than they were in last year’s game.

We are taking a look at some of those players who will make a big impact this year.

Lets dive right in…

Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie – New York Jets

Revis and Cromartie have reunited to form one of the best (if not the best) cornerback duos in Madden 16.  Revis completely shuts down his side of the field while Cromartie has the ratings to cover elite wide receivers like Dez Bryant and Calvin Johnson.

A word of advice: Don’t try to pass against the Jets this year.

Demarco Murray – Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles signing Demarco Murray in the offseason makes their running game about the same as it was with LeSean McCoy.  If they didn’t sign Murray, they’d be in big trouble this year.

With the signing, they should have one of the best running games in Madden 16 especially when you consider the possibilities with the always dangerous Tim Tebow.

Reggie Bush – San Francisco 49ers

Reggie Bush is a big time Madden player.  He has the attributes of a wide receiver but with elite speed and acceleration.

Even though his overall isn’t elite, he is still one of the most dangerous weapons in Madden.

Julius Thomas – Jacksonville Jaguars

Unfortunately the Jaguars are will still be one of the worst teams in Madden NFL 16 even with the Julius Thomas signing.

However, he is the best free agent tight end to become available for a long time and he will make that offense much harder to stop than it was in Madden 15.

Brian Orakpo – Tennessee Titans

A good pass rush is one of the most important qualities in any Madden defense.  Brian Orakpo will bring that to the Titans in Madden 16.

He has the speed/strength/pass rush skills to allow you to drop extra guys into coverage knowing that he will still get to the quarterback pretty quickly.  The Titans are going to be extra dangerous this year with Orakpo and some of the guys they drafted.

C.J. Spiller – New Orleans Saints

C.J. Spiller is a younger version of Reggie Bush.  He has all of the speed, acceleration, agility, and juke ratings with good catching attributes as well.

Teamed up with Drew Brees in New Orleans, he will be a nightmare to stop.  If you use him correctly, he should be even more effective than Darren Sproles a few years ago.

Andre Johnson – Indianapolis Colts

As if Andrew Luck needed another Madden weapon, he now has Andre Johnson.  Now he has reliable receivers as well as the speedy guys we know dominate in Madden games.

Andre Johnson makes this passing attack even more of a nightmare to defend against.

Who did we miss?  What free agent signings do you think will make a big impact in Madden NFL 16?  Make sure to also check out our list of rookies who will dominate Madden 16.

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Big billy
Big billy
8 years ago

Um biggest pick up this offseason was Suh he’s going to make their defense 100 times better. There is no mention of Grahm to Seattle which just made them super bowl bound.