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3-4 Solid Sting Pinch – Man To Man Defense Nano Blitz

In a previous defensive tip, we went over a good nano blitz out of the 3-4 solid formation with a zone defense look behind it.  In this video, we are going to call a defense that is very similar except we will have man to man coverage behind it.

Make sure to mix this play in with max coverage plays so your opponent doesn’t leave his running back in to block.  Coverage defense is very effective in Madden 15.

Lets take a look at this blitz.

Madden 15 Pressure Defense: 3-4 Solid Sting Pinch

Playbook: Kansas City Chiefs

Formation: 3-4 Solid

Play: Sting Pinch


  1. Shift your defensive line to the right and crash them down
  2. Reblitz your MLB #1
  3. Put your ROLB (on the left side of the screen) on a yellow zone and patrol the middle of the field with him

Overview: This is essentially the same basic concept as the Cover 3 Sky play we just went over.  It brings pressure from the right side of the screen and will force your opponent to block an extra guy.

Check out our zone defense version of this play if you haven’t already done so.

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