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Madden 24 Franchise Mode

All Of The New Features In Madden 24 Franchise Mode

Franchise mode often gets overlooked on these big Madden reveal days but there are plenty of improvements that while seemingly small are definitely worth covering.

So we put together this comprehensive article to answer any questions you might have about franchise mode in Madden 24.

Let’s dive in! But first, if you are serious about taking your game to the next level this year, you’ll want to check out our Madden 24 ebooks and guides via Madden School Unlimited.

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Up To 6 Slots Per Trade

Madden School has covered the game professionally since 2008 and during that entire time each team was limited to at most 3 slots per trade.

But in the NFL, especially when you are trading for star players, you see trades of 4, 5, or 6 players/picks in exchange for a superstar QB.

You will finally be able to replicate those trades in Madden 24.

This also likely means if you are in a franchise with CPU teams, it will likely be easier to take advantage of them by sending a bunch 3rd string players and late picks for a useful draft pick. We’ll have to wait and see how trade logic is implemented.

More Details On Trades

While there are 6 trade slots you will only be able to trade at most 3 players at a time along with up to 3 picks. You can trade 3 players and 3 draft picks or you can trade 5 draft picks and 1 player but you won’t be able to trade 4-6 players in the same trade.

In other trade related news, you will now be able to trade up to 3 years worth of draft picks instead of the 2 years in previous games.

So in the first year of a franchise you could use any of your picks in the 2024, 2025, and 2026 draft in a trade.

Auto Reordering Depth Charts

We all spend a decent amount of time at the beginning of each year setting your depth chart to make sure the right people get playing time.

Then randomly in week 5 you realize you need to sign an extra wide receiver and the entire dept hchart gets completely rearranged.

In Madden 24 there will be a toggle button where you can turn that nonsense off.

Contract Restructuring

Franchise gamers have asked for contract restructuring in franchise mode for as long as I can remember.

While we don’t yet have all of the flexibility of NFL general managers, we will have 1 form of contract restructuring in Madden 24.

You’ll be able to reduce a players salary to the league minimum and redistribute it to that player’s bonus money across the rest of the contract.

Training Camp/Weekly Practice/Mini Games

Training Camp has been added between seasons in franchise mode. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know exactly what it will entail.

You’ll have to actually do your weekly practice again in order to progress your players. This is something that was automated in the past few Maddens but no longer.

Mini games from the PS2/XBOX era will also make their way into franchise mode.

XP Progression/Regression

Commissioners now have extra tools they can use to customize player progression and regression in Madden 24.

Younger players and players with lower ratings progress quicker than their older counterparts. This is the first year where commissioners can customize how that works for their specific franchise.

Commissioners will have the same ability to change how older player regression works.

Rookie Draft

The rookie scouting and draft system is staying the same as it was last year. However, you will now see more variety in the auto-generated draft classes.

Free Agency

League commissioners now have the ability to limit how many free agent bids are placed by each team. If you have someone in your league that tries to go through and offer 10 players the minimum salary your commissioner can quickly put a stop to that.

Other New Commissioner Tools

  • The ability to turn on/off M Factors (Momentum)
  • Customize play cool down periods between offense and defense

Fantasy Draft Leagues

For those of you who prefer fantast draft leagues you will now have the ability to set use a “snake draft” system.

This change significantly increases fairness if you are drafting with a large group of user controlled teams.

No Crossplay Yet For Franchise Mode

While many other game modes in Madden 24 will have crossplay enabled, unfortunately that will not be the case in franchise mode.

You will be limited to playing gamers on your own console just like in the past. We’ve heard rumblings that EA is working on this feature for franchise mode in the following year’s game.


You can see that there are a lot of really good small changes coming to this year’s franchise mode. Surely there is nothing groundbreaking but overall we’ll take these incremental changes that give us more control over how our franchises work.

Next Up: Every player with Superstar abilities in Madden 24.

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9 months ago

You still can’t scout individual players using your scouting points?

9 months ago
Reply to  Madden School

I didn’t understand last years scouting. It wouldn’t let you scout specific players, I was very confused. Can you help me understand?

Franchise player
Franchise player
9 months ago

I rather use points then this new scouting mechanism

Edwin Hernandez
Edwin Hernandez
8 months ago

I’m curious if it’s feasible to modify the size of the league or if it’s limited to solely 32 teams. The reason I’m inquiring is that MLB The Show allows for the selection of the number of teams in your league, which I find to be fantastic. It would be cool if Madden were to offer an online playoff tree and 8 friends could just go at it for a championship. If this feature were available, I would purchase Madden annually.

Last edited 8 months ago by Edwin Hernandez
7 months ago

I wish you could user-select all teams in franchise mode.

6 months ago
Reply to  Kashif

Can you play on the same team on an online franchise?