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Scouting In Madden 22 Franchise Mode Gets Overhaul

EA Sports unveiled a new scouting system for franchise mode in Madden 22. The update will come via a patch targeted for September 2021 (about a month after Madden 22 is officially released).

Unfortunately, the update will only work for franchises that start after that so those of you who are in online franchises may want to try to convince your commissioner to hold off a few weeks on starting the league.

Let’s take a look at some key points that the new Madden 22 scouting system will include.

  • No more point system using 175+ points per week. That’s been completely scrapped
  • You will have 4 area scouts and 1 national scout (with different strengths and weaknesses)
  • You’ll assign your area scouts to one of 4 different regions at the start of each season
  • Your national scout is your best scout and will unlock the most information about prospects
  • Using your national scout will come at a cost. The media (other users in your franchise) will know that you sent your national scout to scout a player.
  • There will be private workouts where you bring in prospects to your team’s facilities.
  • There will be 5 mock drafts over the course of the season
  • There will be scouting ranges for different prospects: Top 5, 6-22 Talent, etc.
  • Players will move dynamically up and down the baseline draft board throughout the season based on news stories from the media.

If you want all the details, you can check out the recording of the live stream below as well as a few screenshots we took that you may be interested in.

Madden NFL 22 All-Access: Scouting – EA PLAY Live 2021 Spotlight

A look at the scout hiring screen:

A look at the scout assignment screen:

A look at your draft board during the season:

What do you think of the new changes to scouting in Madden 22? Sound off in the comments section below!

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  1. Does this work with imported draft classes?

    1. It should but the update it hasn’t been released by EA yet.

      1. So, does this mean I can’t use an imported draft class at the moment? I just restarted my franchise to use this new feature, but I want my own custom draft class, how do I do that?

  2. If I already started a league can we still enjoy this part of the game?

    1. No you have to restart the league.