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5 Under The Radar Players To Watch For In Madden 18

If you play Madden regularly, then chances are you’re always on the lookout for underrated players to use. Perhaps you want to throw your opponent off with an unsuspecting wide receiver, or plow through the defense with a powerful running back no one is prepared for.

Well, we’ve put together a list of 5 players who are often overlooked, and who have an overall rating of around 80. These are just a few under the radar players to watch out for in Madden 18, and in no particular order.

Tyler Lockett WR/KR – Seattle Seahawks

Tyler Lockett has to be one of the more forgotten about, yet versatile weapons in the game. It didn’t help that he was hurt most of the season, but regardless he can change a game for you in a heartbeat. Lockett is an 80 overall with 93 speed, 87 catch, and 96 agility.  

Lockett is one of Madden’s most dangerous returners, and with his catch rating being as high as it is, he makes for a deadly slot receiver in Seattle’s offense.  

Derrick Henry RB – Tennessee Titans

Derrick Henry is the only rookie to make the list. Henry has a great skill set, and he goes relatively unnoticed in Madden because he’s behind Demarco Murray in the depth chart. But make no mistake about it, Henry is an absolute beast who should certainly be utilized if you decide to roll with Tennessee in Madden 18.  

Henry is an 80 overall, but he has an 88 speed rating, with an 89 truck, 89 carry, and 88 ball carrier vision. These ratings make Henry a great option in the short running game, and also in formations where two running backs are used.

Taylor Gabriel WR – Atlanta Falcons

Taylor Gabriel’s skill set is very similar to Lockett’s in that he works well in the return game as well in the role of slot receiver. For those playing with Atlanta in Madden, Gabriel is extremely under the radar since he plays next to Julio Jones, and is only rated at a 79 overall.

Gabriel is a great change of pace receiver next to Jones. Having a nice 93 speed rating, and an 86 catch make Gabriel serviceable, but it’s his 95 jump makes him just as dangerous in those situations when you need to throw deep.

Ryan Shazier Middle Linebacker (MLB) – Pittsburgh Steelers

Ryan Shazier is the lone defensive player to make the list, but with more and more Madden players controlling the MLB position on defense, he is definitely worth mentioning.

Shazier is a 80 overall, but boasts a 90 speed rating, an 85 tackle, and an 81 play recognition. Shazier’s speed alone makes him a great option at the position, but he also has a big hitter trait, high motor trait, and a strips the ball trait. All this combined means the future is bright for Shazier in Madden 18.

Jameis Winston QB – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

It’s hard to believe that Jameis Winston is an under the radar quarterback given he was the first pick two years ago. Winston comes in with an 80 overall rating, which some might find a little low.

Few players use the Bucs when playing in online H2H matches, but Winston has some great attributes that certainly make him worth a second look when picking a team to play with. Jameis sports a whopping 95 throw power, 78 speed, and 81 agility to go with his 85 short accuracy, 81 mid accuracy, and 78 deep accuracy.

Winston is definitely an under utilized quarterback, and should be a true sleeper when Madden 18 comes around in August.

Think we left someone out? Feel free to share your top underrated players in the comments section below.


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Marcus Mariota

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James White

7 years ago

How is Tyreek Hill not on this list.

Madden School
7 years ago
Reply to  Nick

He’s not really under the radar anymore.