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Madden 17: Singleback Bunch – PA End Around

In today’s Madden 17 tip, we are going over a pretty unconventional play you can use when you want to change up your scheme a little.

Check it out below.

Madden 17: Singleback Bunch - PA End Around

Playbook: Cincinnati Bengals

Formation: Singleback Bunch

Play: PA End Around

Setup: None required


  1. The first read on the play is the running back out of the backfield to the flats
  2. If that is covered look toward the A/X receiver deep to the right of the field
  3. Against man coverage look towards the X/Square receiver on the left
  4. If these fail take off with the Quarterback on the roll out to the right

Overview: Using this play can keep your opponent on their heels, mainly since you can actually run the ball. Your opponent cannot sell out for either the pass or the run helping make this play action more effective.

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