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5 Best Running Back Duos In Madden 18

The Madden 18 season is in full swing at this point, and the pros at Madden School are hard at work studying in order to help you become a master on the sticks. Madden School is your number 1 place for all the latest news, notes and expert analysis from around the world of Madden NFL 18. Today, we’re giving you our list of the 5 best running back duos in Madden 18.

A solid running back duo should compliment one another in almost the same manner as a great pair of wide receivers. Maybe one RB is powerful with a high TRK rating while the other is explosive and quick with high ACC and SPD ratings. Regardless of the pair’s makeup, if you like running the ball, then you might want to check out a few of these best running back duos in Madden 18.

Jordan Howard & Tarik Cohen Chicago Bears

Howard 85 overall & Cohen 80 overall

The Chicago Bears running backs are the youngest RB duo to make our list. The two backs help to comprise one of Madden School’s talented young offenses to build around in Madden 18. With Howard in his second season and Cohen in his first, this pair of young backs is dynamic and they complement one another beautifully.

Howard is your prototypical back with size, power, and speed. Cohen, on the other hand, is small, quick, and shifty plus has excellent hands that contribute to his overall playmaking ability. Cohen was one of our late round draft picks to watch in Madden 18, and you can clearly see why after five weeks into the season.

Cohen should serve as the 3DRB, or 3rd Down Running Back, on your depth chart, but that’s entirely up to you and your preferences. Although Howard can catch the ball, Cohen gives you a playmaker on the field in 3rd down passing situations, and his ability to accelerate out of screen plays will serve you well when playing with the Bears.

Jonathan Stewart & Christian McCaffrey Carolina Panthers

Stewart 85 overall & McCaffrey 80 overall

This is a classic example of a RB duo made up of an old salty vet in Stewart, and a young up and comer with superstar potential in McCaffrey. This duo is similar to our previous pair of Howard and Cohen. Jonathan Stewart is a big bruising back with power and TRK potential while Christian McCaffrey is quick, shifty, and has excellent receiving skills.

You’ll likely want to stick these two on the field together in certain formations and situations. If you like to run the read option out of certain formations, particularly pistol sets, then having both of these versatile backs on the field together, along with QB Cam Newton, makes for a deadly combination and should keep your opponent guessing til the end.

CJ Anderson & Jamaal Charles Denver Broncos

Anderson 86 overall  & Charles 83 overall   

The Broncos snagged Jamaal Charles in the off-season. He became a free agent after being let go by the Kansas City Chiefs, and Denver was wise to pair him with CJ Anderson, a great complementary back for the veteran Charles. CJ Anderson gives your Bronco running attack some teeth as he can power between the tackles with a nice TRK rating while Charles provides you with an excellent change of pace option. Charles is the quicker, and smaller, of the two backs, but he can still give you a broken tackle or two.

Devonta Freeman & Tevin Coleman Atlanta Falcons

Freeman 90 overall & Coleman 86 overall 

Freeman and Coleman earn the distinction of highest rated running back duo to make our list. Currently, Freeman is the starter for the Falcons and you’ll probably want to keep him in as the starter as you play through your CFM, or online H2H competitive games.

Freeman has shifty moves, speed, and has the ability to pound the ball between the tackles in a power running game. Coleman, the larger back out of the duo, has better speed, acceleration, and TRK ratings making him a nice 3DRB option, especially in short yardage situations. Coleman and Freeman are certainly one of the best running back duos in Madden 18.

Demarco Murray & Derrick Henry Tennessee Titans

Murray 87 overall & Henry 80 overall

Murray and Henry each complement one another’s power with even more power. These two are big, powerful backs with the potential to give your opponent some real problems, especially if their defense can’t stop the run. The O-line in Tennessee helps make this running back duo one of the most productive tandems in Madden 18. Also, when you take into account QB Marcus Mariota’s running ability, they make up a three-headed running attack that is sure to keep your opponent guessing all game long.

The depth chart has Henry as the 3DRB by default, but if you’re in a passing situation on 3rd down, then you should consider running Murray out there. You can, as mentioned above, use both Murray and Henry on the field at the same time similar to that of the Panthers. This is due to Mariota’s threat to run, and/or pass, from the QB position.

That just about does it for our best running back duos in Madden 18. Are there any duos you think should have made our list, but didn’t? Maybe Detroit’s Riddick and Abdullah? New England’s backs? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below and get the conversation started.

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