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best free agents to consider signing in Madden 18

Best Free Agents To Consider Signing In Madden 18

Customizing and adjusting your roster is one of the best aspects of playing Madden 18’s Connected Franchise Mode (CFM). Regardless of the team you choose, you should always consider adding a free agent here and there to improve or add depth to certain positions. Of course, your franchise’s roster needs play a big role in the free agents you may or may not consider signing. The pros at Madden School are dedicated to keeping you competitive, and there’s no better place to start than with your CFM roster needs. So today, we’ve put together our list of best free agents to consider signing in Madden 18.

Ladarius Green TE

81 overall, 27-years-old

It’s hard to imagine a big pass catching TE like Ladarius Green is still a free agent, but he is and you should think about signing him to your team. Unless you already have two, or three, serviceable TE’s on your squad, you should consider signing Green. He’s still fairly young at only 27-years-old, and with an 87 catch rating, Green has the ability to contribute to an offense. At an 81 overall, Green still has plenty of room for improvement. If you spend your XP wisely and raise Green’s Catch in Traffic (CIT) and Route Running (RTE) ratings, then you’ve got yourself a pass catching TE who can stretch the field and give opposing defenses problems.  

Antonio Andrews HB

75 overall, 25-years-old

Antonio Andrews is a middle of the road HB as he’s only rated a 75 overall. Andrews has plenty of upside, though. If you need a short yardage back, then Andrews’ 88 TRK rating will come in handy for you. Andrews not only makes a good short yardage RB, but he has potential to become an every down back after a season or two. At only 25-years-old, Andrews has plenty of franchise seasons left in him.  

Gerald Hodges Jr LOLB

79 overall, 26-years-old

LOLB Gerald Hodges Jr is one of the first free agent linebackers you should consider signing to your franchise team. Hodges is a cover LB and works best in a 4-3 system, but you could consider moving him around to ROLB in certain situations to suit your needs. One of the biggest reasons Hodges is an attractive free agent to consider signing is his Big Hitter Trait. That’s not all as the free agent OLB comes with 88 TAK, 84 BSH, 86 PUR, and 73 ZCV ratings. Those are all very decent ratings in important categories for Hodges’ position. At only 26-years-old, Hodges has plenty of franchise seasons left in him, and you have lots of room to grow his skills and improve his overall rating.  

Marquess Wilson WR

75 overall, 24-years-old

WR Marquess Wilson should be one of the first wideouts you consider signing to your franchise team. Wilson is still very young at only 24-years-old which is the age of some rookie players. The free agent WR needs some improving across several categories before you get his rating into the low to mid 80’s. Spend Wilson’s XP wisely and you’ll be rewarded nicely. By boosting Wilson’s Awareness and Catch in Traffic ratings, his overall rating will quickly rise and so will his ability to produce on the field. Given his respectable 84 CTH and 82 CIT ratings, Wilson is easily one of the best free agents to consider signing in Madden 18.  

Matt Barkley QB

72 overall, 26-years-old

QB Matt Barkley is one of the only free agent quarterbacks to consider signing in Madden 18 mostly due to his age and overall rating. Barkley gives you some options when it comes to trading or resigning your backup quarterback(s). His 72 overall isn’t that good, but he is only 26-years-old and has plenty of time to grow. Barkley has the highest AWR, SAC, MAC, and DAC ratings out of the top five free agent QB’s in Madden 18. His only drawback is his low 86 THP rating, but you should be able to get that number up a little bit with your XP.   

Philly Brown WR

77 overall, 25-years-old

WR Philly Brown is another wideout that you should certainly consider signing right away if you need help at the position. Brown has everything you look for in a decent slot receiver. His 83 CTH, 82 RTE, 81 CIT, and 88 SPC ratings all make Brown a great young addition to your receiving corps. Unless you’re using one of our teams deepest at wide receiver in Madden 18, then Philly Brown, along with Marquess Wilson, should be one of the free agents you consider signing.   

Jonathan Newsome ROLB

74 overall, 26-years-old

Free agent ROLB Jonathan Newsome is a bit of a project signing at the position, but his upside makes the signing well worth the gamble. At 26-years-old, Newsome is the youngest ROLB rated higher than a 73 overall. Newsome’s LB Style is Pass Rusher, and he comes already equipped with Strip Ball, Swim Move, and Bull Rush Traits. Couple his traits with his incredible 88 ACC and decent 81 SPD ratings, and Newsome has the ability to be an outstanding pass rusher for your franchise’s defense for many seasons in Madden 18. Improve his 72 AWR, 72 TAK, and 72 PRC, and Newsome’s overall should shoot up into the 80’s very quickly.

Of course, these free agents aren’t the only ones to consider signing in Madden 18. There are plenty of others. Who are some of yours? Kaepernick, perhaps? Think Darrelle Revis can help your secondary for a season or two? MLB Perry Riley Jr makes a great option — that means you fans of the Raiders. Let us know your thoughts and join the conversation in the comments section below.

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