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Teams deepest at wide receiver in Madden 18

Teams Deepest At Wide Receiver In Madden 18

The Madden season is well underway, and that means the pros here at Madden School are working hard to give you an edge over your opponent. One of the best ways to gain an advantage over the competition is having an in-depth knowledge of rosters, squads and depth charts. To help you with your strategy, we’ve put together our list of teams deepest at wide receiver in Madden 18.

These teams sport the some of the best receiving squads in the game. If you like passing the ball, then you’ll want to consider using these teams in your next competitive contest.  

Green Bay Packers

Jordy Nelson 91 overall, Randall Cobb 87 overall, Davante Adams 85 overall

This trio of receivers is flat out deadly for opponents. You have everything you need here in a great wide receiving corps. First, you have Jordy Nelson rated a 91 overall. Nelson has the ability to go up and grab jump balls, make sideline catches, and he has a 98 awareness rating. Cobb’s ability to play the slot receiver for the Packers offense is one of the main reasons this squad makes our list. The speed, acceleration, and agility all make Cobb an excellent option to use for those underneath RAC opportunities. Add in Davante Adams with an 89 catch and spectacular catch rating, and you have a deadly group of receivers at your disposal. Oh, and the Green Bay quarterback is pretty capable of getting them the ball, too.

Dallas Cowboys  

Dez Bryant 91 overall, Terrance Williams 81 overall, Cole Beasley 81 overall

Dallas had one of the best groups of receivers last season, and they’re on our list of teams deepest at wide receiver in Madden 18 as well. Dez Bryant is just a beast with a 91 overall rating, a positive trait for RAC and Aggressive catches, and he’s also a clutch player. Terrance Williams gives you a great compliment to Dez since his speed and acceleration will make your opponents respect his deep threat capability. Add in Cole Beasley in the slot and the Cowboys sport one of the deepest receiving corps in Madden 18.

LA Chargers

Keenan Allen 89 overall, Travis Benjamin 79 overall  Tyrell Williams 80 overall, Mike Williams 79 overall.

The Los Angeles Chargers have some real weapons at the wide receiver spot, and if you’re rolling with the Bolts, then you have some options throwing the ball. Tight ends aside, the Charger pass catchers are deadly and they’re all rated 79 overall and higher. Keenan Allen is the certainly the go-to wide out, but both Tyrell Williams and Travis Benjamin provide a nice complement for Allen. Benjamin is great working out of the slot receiver spot as his route running is an 83, catching an 86, and speed a 92. Add in his RAC trait, and Benjamin can kill your opponents from the slot. You also have the rookie Mike Williams to consider if you’re starting a franchise with the Chargers. Williams goes 6’4” with an 87 catch and positive traits in every major receiving category such as RAC, Possession, and Aggressive catches.

Tennessee Titans

Eric Decker 84 overall, Rishard Matthews 82 overall, Corey Davis 80 overall, Taywan Taylor 77 overall.  

Tennessee doesn’t really have that one star, stud, number one wide out, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have plenty of talent and depth at the position. Eric Decker is of course the highest rated receiver on the team with an 84 overall rating. Next comes Rishard Matthews at an 82, and then the rookie Corey Davis at an 80. Decker gives you a reliable target to throw to with his 91 catch, 87 route running, 92 catch in traffic, and 88 spectacular catch ratings. Davis can create some space for you with his 86 beat press rating and 90 speed. He’s also your best jumper amongst the other receivers with a 92 jump rating and an 87 spectacular catch. Davis might be a little big for a slot receiver, but he can get the job done and contributes to the Titans making our list of teams deepest at receiver in Madden 18.

Of course, these aren’t the only teams with great depth at the WR position in Madden 18. There are plenty of others worthy of making our list. Who are some of yours? Maybe the Dolphins with Landry, Parker, and Stills? Perhaps you think the Patriots or the Raiders are worthy of making our list? Maybe even the Falcons? Join the conversation below and let us know what you think.

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