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4 Sleeper Teams To Use In Madden 17

Every season, certain teams are forgotten by Madden players. Now is the perfect time of season to experiment with different teams, so we have decided to share with you our 4 sleeper teams to use in Madden 17.

The New Orleans Saints

The Saints finished rated an 83 overall. That’s pretty solid in terms of overall ratings, but their offense is the real attraction as they’re rated a 93 overall. That’s one of the highest in the game this year.

For some reason, the Saints are one of those teams that just seem to get forgotten every year in Madden. It’s hard to call a team with Drew Brees at quarterback a sleeper team, and the Saints must always be considered dangerous. Add Brandin Cooks in at wide receiver with his 96 speed rating, then factor in Mark Ingram running the ball, and you have a Saints offense that can put up points quickly.

The New Orleans defense leaves a lot to be desired. The linebacker position is fairly weak for the Saints making them a liability in the running game. One bright spot for the Saints defense is LE Cameron Jordan plus some decent players in the secondary such as Kenny Vaccaro.

In general, the Saints are a great option if you love passing the ball. The Saints are certainly a sleeper team to use in Madden 17. They certainly have the potential to help win you some games. Especially against opponents who are weak at defending a speedy pass heavy offense.

The Carolina Panthers

It’s hard to believe that the Carolina Panthers could be considered a sleeper team in Madden 17. Especially after coming into the Madden 17 season as one of the more popular teams in the game. It was a disappointing season in the overall ratings category for the Panthers. Carolina finished 79 overall with a 79 overall on offense and 83 on defense.

Regardless, Cam Newton is still a fairly decent option at the quarterback spot with an 84 overall rating, and he poses mismatches given his speed and trucking abilities. Factor in Kelvin Benjamin, Greg Olsen, and Jonathan Stewart to the offense, and you’ve got a pretty formidable group of offensive weapons.

Carolina’s front seven on defense shouldn’t be overlooked, either. Luke Kuechly is the highest rated Middle Linebacker in Madden 17 with a 99 overall rating. The team’s secondary is certainly the biggest weakness that opponents can, and will, exploit when you play with the Panthers.

If you can keep the ball away with Newton and the running game, then you definitely have a good shot to beat any team your opponent comes at you with.

The Buffalo Bills

That’s right, the Buffalo Bills have an 84 overall team rating with an offense rated 88 overall, and a defense rated 79 overall. Offensively, Tyrod Taylor is a real threat running an option attack, but he can throw fairly well and has an 81 overall rating.

The Bills offense is loaded with speedy players and good players at nearly every skill position. Lesean McCoy is certainly one of the top running backs in Madden 17 as he’s rated 90 overall, and Sammy Watkins serves as a great deep threat at wide receiver with his 92 speed and 88 overall ratings.

Buffalo’s defense doesn’t really have any stand-out players in terms of overall ratings, but they field solid players at nearly every position. In the Madden 17 final player ratings, the Buffalo defense had six players rated at least 80 overall, but no players ended the season rated 90 or higher.

Overall, Buffalo can sneak up on people, so don’t hesitate to consider choosing the Bills when you’re picking your team. This team has some serious weapons on both offense and defense that can win you games. The Bills are certainly one of the sleeper teams to use in Madden 17. 

The Washington Redskins

Washington finished the Madden 17 season with an 82 overall. The offense is rated 85 overall, and the defense finished with an overall mark of 78. Washington has some serious weapons on offense with Jordan Reed at tight end, and wide receivers DeSean Jackson and Jamison Crowder. The Skins have the potential to burn people deep with Jackson and Crowder as both players have speed ratings over 90. Three players on the O-line are rated 85 or higher, which makes them one of the better groups in Madden 17.

Josh Norman headlines a solid defense with a 90 overall rating, but Washington has players rated over 80 overall at several positions. All three linebacker spots have players rated over 82, and the defensive line has some size plus strength.

Overall, Washington can win you some games. Their explosive offense and solid overall defense will make you give some consideration to playing with Washington.

Those are our 4 sleeper teams to use in Madden 17. Certainly there other teams you may prefer to use. Who are yours? As always, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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7 years ago

baltimore i say is a sleeper sqaud too

7 years ago

What about the Arizona Cardinals??

5 years ago

I’ve used all of those teams except Redskins

Moss Bexzams
Moss Bexzams
5 years ago


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