The NFL rookie combine took place this last week.  It usually isn’t big news but as all Madden nerds know, the combine results largely determine physical Madden 17 ratings such as speed and strength.

Once a rookie is assigned a speed rating, it usually follows him throughout his career.  He can go up or down a few points but if you run a sub 4.4 40 time at the NFL combine, you are just about guaranteed to have a mid to high 90s speed rating.


Here are 4 rookies who will come into Madden NFL 17 with 95 speed.

Keith Marshall – RB – 4.31

The running back from Georgia ran the fastest 40 time in the class so he should enter Madden 17 with a speed rating of at least 97 unless EA Sports completely overhauls the speed ratings this year.

Look for Keith Marshall to be the type of player that may not have a high overall rating but that everyone uses online.  Think of how popular Dri Archer was in Madden 16.  Keith Marshall will likely be just as popular and probably slightly more effective.

Will Fuller – WR – 4.32

Will Fuller is one of the most exciting players in the 2016 draft and his speed rating will absolutely reflect that.


He’ll come in as a Ted Ginn or DeSean Jackson type of player who will immediately be a deep ball threat.

T.J. Green – S – 4.34

Pro Madden gamers love a safety who can play around the field.  He will be a perfect user to cover the middle third of the field in a cover 3 defense.

Look for a fairly low overall rating but an extremely high amount of people subbing him into the game in place of players who have higher ratings.

Kolby Listenbee – WR – 4.39

You can never have too many burners at wide receiver.  Just the threat of getting beat deep can keep a defense from blitzing too heavily which will open up your entire offense.

Look for all of these guys to have 95+ speed when Madden 17 is released in August.  Which players do you think will have the highest speed ratings in Madden 17?  Let us know in the comments.