The final roster update for Madden 16 is now out which means that we more or less know what to expect in terms of Madden 17 player ratings.

Quarterback is, and likely always will be, the most important position in Madden NFL games.  We’ve put together a list of 5 quarterbacks that you will want on your team when you pick up Madden 17 in August.


Cam Newton – Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton ended Madden 16 tied with Ben Roethlisberger at a 98 overall rating.  Any experienced Madden gamer will tell you, however, that it really is no contest when it comes to the best quarterback in Madden.  Cam Newton’s speed, strength, and playmaking ability put him in a class of his own in terms of actual on field production.

Opposing defenses will always have to be aware of the quarterback running the ball which will open up the passing game.  Look for defenses to blitz a lot against him or put at least 1 defender in a QB Spy.  He will be an absolutely nightmare to defend in Madden 17.

Ben Roethlisberger – Pittsburgh Steelers

Big Ben is essentially a poor man’s Cam Newton in Madden 17.  He isn’t as strong, or as fast, or as young as Cam Newton but he is still a big, fast quarterback who can make every throw in the game.

He may even have the best accuracy ratings in the game but unfortunately those don’t mean much once you get above 90+.


Russell Wilson – Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson ended Madden 16 with an overall rating of 95 overall so expect that to be what he has in Madden 17 (plus or minus 2 points).

He has the speed needed to run option plays or QB draws and the passing ability to make whatever throws you need on offense.

Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers

If Ben Roethlisberger is a poor man’s Cam Newton in Madden 17,  Aaron Rodgers is a poor man’s Russell Wilson.  He has the speed and the accuracy needed to be a dominant quarterback but he just isn’t as fast as Russell Wilson.

He is a little more accurate and has more throw power but those ratings don’t matter too much once they get above 90+.  If you are more of a pocket passer who occasionally scrambles, Aaron Rodgers may be the better quarterback for your offense.

Tyrod Taylor – Buffalo Bills

Tyrod Taylor ended the season at 85 overall which makes him a curious choice to appear on this list.  The reason he makes the cut is simply because he is essentially a running back that plays QB.

Look for speed, agility, and acceleration ratings near 90 overall in Madden 17.


Who did we leave out?  Which quarterbacks are you most excited to use in Madden NFL 17?  Let us know in the comments.