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4-4 Zone Blitz Nano in Madden 13: Crash 3

Yesterday we went over a great nano that gets heavy pressure even against slide protection and extra blockers.  The only real weakness it had was that each player was in man to man coverage all by himself.  In today’s tip, we are going to show you how to get the exact same pressure but with zone coverage behind it.

Playbook: 4-3

Formation: 4-4 Split

Play: Crash 3

Madden NFL 13 Defensive Tips: 4-4 Zone Nano


  1. Spread D-line
  2. Hot route MLB #2 to blitz
  3. Re-blitz MLB #1 and place him over the right tackle

Overview:  This blitz uses the exact same concept we went over yesterday but it may throw your opponent off because he will be expecting man coverage behind it.

Madden-School Pro Tip: Use this play after your have run the man version of this blitz a few times.  Your opponent may try to throw deep on your and you should get an easy interception.

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11 years ago

Is there a difference hot route blitz and re-blitz?

11 years ago

Tightend wide open for 15 yds.

11 years ago
Reply to  Mason

Middle of the field. Not difficult.