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Singleback Snugs Flip – HB Slam

Today we are going over a very simple run play that you can use when you need a few yards in Madden 13.  It isn’t a gamebreaker or anything that you can expect to score touchdowns with everytime, but it is very consistent.

Playbook: Tennessee Titans

Formation: Singleback Snugs Flip

Play: HB Slam

Consistent Madden 13 Running Play ( Tips)
Setup: Just motion your slot receiver on the left side of the screen to the right and snap the ball when he gets between the right guard and right tackle.

Overview: Depending on what the defense is doing, you have to make the decision whether to keep the run up the middle or bounce it outside.  Use a good offensive line and a good running back for best results.

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  1. Not snugs flip its in tight slots set there is no snugs flip. Typo maybe