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Effective 4-4 Split Nano Blitz in Madden 13

The majority of our free Madden 13 defensive tips so far have been fairly basic and could be stopped with a few extra blockers or slide protection.  That isn’t the case in today’s tip.  We dove into the 4-4 split formation and found a play that gets extreme pressure on a consistent basis.  We have the full breakdown below.

Playbook: 4-3

Formation: 4-4 Split

Play: LB Fire

Madden 13 4-4 LB Fire Nano Blitz


  1. Spread D-line
  2. Re-blitz your #1 MLB and place him directly over the right tackle (Don’t switch off of him) Pro Tip: If you have good cornerbacks and the offense doesn’t have great receivers, use press coverage to make this play even harder to stop.

Now that you have seen in the video above how this play works, lets go over why it works.

The screenshot above gives us a pre-snap look at what each defender should be doing once the quarterback hikes the ball.  You should notice that if everything goes right, our defensive end (with the blue arrow) will stunt in between the right tackle and right guard.

Even with both running backs blocking, we get pressure through the B-gap.  The fullback goes out to the right to help the right tackle with the blitzing MLB while the running back blocks to the left.

The end result is a sack before the quarterback can make a decent read.

If you mix this play in with zone defenses out of the same formation, you will leave your opponent extremely confused.  If you make each play look the same, he won’t know whether you are bringing heat or dropping into coverage.

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  1. are u going to put the 44 d in your guide

    1. The 4-4 D is not in the 46 playbook so it will not be added into the current defensive lockdown ebook.

  2. I cannot find the 4-4 defense in madden 13 for xbox 360. I believe it is not there and has been taken out. Am i missing something?

      1. I can’t find the 4-4 under the 4-3 defense on XBOX either. The only formations i see are stack, under, over, and over plus.

        1. before the game starts for Xbox click on Advanced Settings. Scroll through defenses until 4-3 comes up. During the game 4-4 Split will be an option for you along with 46 and so on.

      2. sorry, i meant to say no 4-4 in the xbox 360

  3. what is a good way to make this effective because most times it puts the safety on the tight end or reciever so should i bring them up where the reciever is

  4. can you put the other linebacker blitzing into a yellow? or will that mess up the animation of the nano?

    1. It will mess up how the defense interacts with the offensive line.

  5. you can always use custom playbook for it also.. i like this over the zone

  6. so wat other play book is the 4-4 in for Xbox users?

  7. this doesn’t seem to work as cleanly as it does in your video. Is there anything we have to do with the blitzing linebacker once we line him up over the RT? Do we have to blitz in the C-gap? Do we just run directly into the RT?


    1. You just line up the MLB over the right tackle, reblitz him and then let the cpu do the rest.

  8. Yes there is 4-4 on the 360!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to manually change your defensive playbook to “4-3” instead of “det-Swartz” or whatever team you use. Or you can create a defensive playbook and put in 4-4.

  9. does this play still work after the patch? i cant seem to get it to work??