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madden 12 spy blitz 2

3-3-5 Bear: Middle Plug Blitz

The QB spy is still a very effective technique for manually rushing this year.  For today’s free madden 12 tip, we are going to go over a defensive play that provides good run defense and gets great pressure off the edge.

Playbook: 46

Formation: 3-3-5 Bear

Play: Middle Plug Blitz


  1. Spread the D-line
  2. Hot route your linebacker on the left side of the screen to a qb spy and move him out a few steps left.

When the quarterback snaps the ball, control the linebacker in the qb spy, take a few steps and dive toward him for a quick sack.

madden 12 spy blitz
You can see that there is no indication that we are bringing pressure off the edge, so your opponent will not be expecting this.

madden 12 spy blitz 2

Our opponent snaps the ball and you see the great jump that we get off the edge with no one blocking our linebacker.

madden 12 spy blitz 3

We are able to sack the quarterback before the running back is able to come over to throw a block.

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  1. How do you get max effect to manually blitz so fast?

  2. At 1st madden look like NCAA Football , and the Defense was hard , I think that this Madden 12 is the best football game made . what happen to the 4-4 ?

  3. pre snap momemtum is they key this year to manually blitzing so fast ,We the top players in the gm all agree