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Yearly Salary Cap Increases In Madden 23 Franchise Mode

One of the most important aspects of building your team in franchise mode is properly planning for not just the current season you’re in but also a few seasons ahead.

The best way to do that is to be aware of your salary cap situation for future seasons. You’ll want to check out all of your players’ contracts to see if they are front-loaded, back-loaded, or have huge signing bonuses preventing you from trading or cutting them.

You’ll also want to know what the salary cap limits are for future seasons. In Madden 23, like in many Madden games before it, your salary cap goes up with every year that passes.

It starts out with the biggest increases in the first few years, then it slowly starts to taper off until it eventually peaks and will not move any higher.

This year, with the new Madden 23 feature of roll-over salary cap, you have more flexibility than ever before but you still need to know what your base numbers are.

We’ll get into how roll-over cap works a little later on in the article. For now, we are going to stick to the basic salary cap limits without it.

Here are the salary cap numbers for each year:

  • 2022: $218 Million
  • 2023: $243 Million
  • 2024: $265 Million
  • 2025: $277 Million
  • 2026: $287 Million
  • 2027: $295 Million
  • 2028: $303 Million

After 2028 the salary cap remains at $303 million and will not go higher even if you take your franchise 15+ seasons.

It’s pretty clear that early on in your franchise you get the biggest jump with an increase of $25 million the first year and an increase of $22 million the second year.

Then it slows down to $12 million, $10 million, $8 million, and eventually 0 the longer your league lasts.

None of this takes into effect the rollover salary cap new to Madden 23. Let’s say in the year 2022 you only have a payroll of $150 million. The cap is $218 million.

You can take any unused money that you didn’t use in the current year and add it to your salary cap in the next year. So in this example you have an extra $68 million (218M-150M) that you can add to the 2023 salary cap which is $243 million.

That gives you a total 2023 salary cap of $301M. You can see how this can give you a huge advantage in signing free agents to bigger contracts.

If you plan on rebuilding for a few years because your are using one of our 5 best teams to rebuild in Madden 23’s franchise mode it makes sense to cut as many of your highly paid players as you can.

Be careful though, cutting a player with a high signing bonus can result in crippling cap penalties. We recommend using our Madden 23 Salary Cap Penalty Calculator before you cut or trade a player to make sure the cap hit won’t be too bad.

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  1. I haven’t experimented with cap roll over at all but I feel like this could potentially ruin your team… Let’s say you roll over 50 million to 2023 and your cap is now at 293 million, you spend every penny of that in 2023 and next years cap is set at 265 million! Player salaries increase each year if they are signed or resigned in franchise too, which would leave you unable to potentially resign players or sign FA. Definitely can’t be too greedy w the cap rollover!!

    1. That’s an excellent point! It is a very dangerous game unless you plan it out perfectly.

  2. Quick question, I try to fill my depth spots w “Mentor Tag” players to give my younger starting players more xp each week. Basically my cap space is usually around 1 million thru the season. Is there a cutoff date for Cap Rollover? So if I cut some of those Mentor players say week 17 and that would give me an extra 12 million cap space, would it still roll over? Any idea? Love trying to manipulate the cap!

    1. One thing I have heard (and I haven’t yet verified it for myself) is if you cut those players after your last game, their salaries won’t count and you’ll get it back in rollover cap. Supposedly rollover cap is calculated between the SB Week and resigning week so if you cut them before that you may be able to get a higher rollover cap.

      Once I confirm that, I may make a post about it explaining it in more detail.

      1. Thanks for the reply! Great as always!

      2. So, it’s best to resign my guys when the rollover is added to next seasons cap (between SB week and resigning). “If” I’m tight on cap and risk losing a player. Why? I get the jump from season to season and the rollover. Correct?

      3. So what was the verdict? when is the cutoff to cut the person for it to rollover before the SB? in the re-sign player period of the off-season? when does the contract hit

  3. If EA was with the times and you could manually front load contracts, you could get around that.

  4. What happens if you go until the off-season about -20 in cap space in franchise mode. Will anything happen to your players or draft picks?