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Would You Use Online Practice Mode in Madden?

The more hardcore part of the Madden community has been clamoring for a way to practice against their friends online.  Most people refer to practicing online against their friends as “labbing.”  The most common way over the last few years has been jumping into unranked online games.  With all of the new features being added into Madden 13, many people are wondering why not add in an online practice mode.

It wouldn’t be too hard to do, a good amount of the community would support it, and it probably wouldn’t take up too much space.  In order to get a better idea if this is something a larger part of the community would want, we decided to open up a poll below.  Please vote and then leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

[poll id=”6″]

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Carl Vittetoe
Carl Vittetoe
11 years ago

Don’t do it why take up room when u can just play an unranked game fix the disconnect and lag issues on the release date

Wayne Smith
Wayne Smith
11 years ago

Absolutely. As an online franchise guy, the BIGGEST gripe that guys like myself have is the inability for us to actually use the teams that we create outside of that particular franchise. The ability to export a “franchise” team so that we could “practise” would be awesome.