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Why You Need to Get Your Hands on the July 4th Legends As Soon As You Can

In the last two years of Madden Ultimate Team, the community has been limited in options of transferring the past year’s ultimate team currency into the newest version. In MUT 13, the cover vote promotion was thrown into play in June. The cover vote promotion consisted of a set of 99 overall cards that had been nominees for the cover of Madden 25. If you collected all of these cards, you earned yourself a Madden 25 “Cover Vote Pack” in MUT 25 that gave out a range of cards in the 87-90 range.

Throughout June, August, and September, the collective price of these cards kept rising. By the week before MUT 25 dropped, one of the Cover Vote cards was above 1 million coins (CV Revis). People were dumping their teams for coins and scraping together enough to get this advantage in MUT 25, the process of which became frantic to an extent when MUT 25’s release date came closer. They did the same thing with the top 5 (?, may have been 10) draft picks in the 2013 NFL draft that they did in MUT 25 with the top 5 picks. People spent upwards of 400k to just get their hands on 5,000 coins + a 70-79 rated rookie that they got in MUT 15. This year, as many of you all know, they have given us yet another bridge to the next MUT, in the form of collecting the six 4th of July legends in exchange for an 85 rated Jared Allen in MUT 16.

An 85 card in exchange for six 99 rated players may seem a bit frivolous at first, but when MUT 16’s release date approaches again, people will be emptying their MUT 15 pockets to get this advantage in MUT 16, just like MUT players have done for the last two years. To get ahead of the game, go ahead and get these 99s this July 4th weekend, before their price spirals upwards as MUT 15 finally withers and is laid to rest by its successor, MUT 16.

However: even if you plan on staying on MUT 15 for a couple of months after MUT 16 drops, it’s still smart to pick up some of these cards ASAP. You can take advantage of the guys who are paying boatloads of coins to get a head start in MUT 16 by selling these legends for a large amount in the week or two before MUT 16 releases, and enjoy your stay on MUT 15 with the abundant amount of coins you’ve earned yourself.

These cards are the only 99s that will have their price rise in the coming two months, plain and simple.

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