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Madden 15 Gun Split Close – Close X Drag

Wayne6578 is back and bringing you another Madden 15 tip.  This time, we are focusing on a great passing play that you can use once you get into the red zone.

There are reads against man, zone, and blitzes so if you do it right, someone should always be open.

Let’s jump right into the breakdown.

Madden 15 Close X Drag - The One Man To Beat Play

Playbook: Washington Redskins

Formation Set: Shotgun

Formation: Gun Split Close

Play: Close X Drag (1RB, 1TE, 3WR)

Depth Chart Adjustments

  1. RB – Fastest and best catching attributes,
  2. Slot WR – Fastest with best catching attribute,
  3. TE – Decent Speed, and best run blocking attributes,


  1. Put the slot WR on a slant? route.
  2. Put the TE on a wheel route.
  3. Put the running back on a swing route to the same side the TE wheel route is going.


  1. If Man Defense: Slot WR, and Drag Route,
  2. If Zone Defense: Running Back Quickly or Drag Route.
  3. If Defense is Blitzing: Slot WR, or TE Quickly!
  4. (Optional if Man Defense) You can hit TE once his turns up field with a Bullet Pass lead up!

Overview: This play can be combined with SnA Exclusive’s Madden 15 Shotgun Split Close Scat Offense Tip for a nice Mini Scheme.

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