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Madden 17 Pittsburgh Offense Mini eBook

Our Madden 17 Pittsburgh Offense Mini eBook is now available!  It features 15 plays from 3 formations and the emphasis of this ebook is beating common coverages deep for big gains.

Each play comes with a full HD video with voiceover along with a detailed step-by-step written breakdown.

Here is a sample video of a play found inside of the ebook.

Madden 17 Pitsburgh Offense Mini eBook Preview

The formations covered in the Madden 17 Pittsburgh Offensive Mini eBook:

  • Gun Tight Doubles On
  • Gun Empty Steeler
  • Gun Snugs

The Madden 17 Pittsburgh Offensive Mini eBook is only $9.99! Instant Access!

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Did you know you Madden School Unlimited members get the Pittsburgh Offensive mini ebook as well as every other ebook we release for an entire year?  Learn more about Madden School Unlimited today!

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    1. It is available now for Unlimited members and it will be available for individual purchase in a few days

  1. Can i purchase the Steelers ebook now

  2. Can I just buy this for $10 only and not get charged the 60 for the unlimited thing

    1. Yes you can. Just click the add to cart button and if you already have Unlimited in your cart, you can remove it from your cart.

  3. do i have to purchase the 60$ edition to buy any type of ebook?

    1. No you don’t. You can buy any of our ebooks individually.