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Top Offseason Transactions

It has been a very busy offseason to date. Many teams have a totally different look coming into the 2010-2011 football season. Some teams more active then others and many big names still unsigned. Heres my top 10 list as of today.

1.Brandon Marshall- Miami Dolphins
He just might be the missing piece to the puzzle.

2.Julius Peppers- Chicago Bears
Will Peppers bring the Bears back to their old defensive form?

3.Anquan Boldin- Baltimore Ravens
Now the feature reciever. Expect big plays in Baltimore for years to come.

4.Donovan McNabb- Washington Redskins
Never saw this coming.

5.Antrelle Rolle- New York Giants
A very good fit. Great player to a team with great need at safety.

6.Santonio Holmes- New York Jets
Troubles off the field have yet to hurt this rising stars progression.

7.Karlos Dansby- Miami Dolphins
Joey who? I’ll swap Dansby for Joey Porter anyday

8.Antonio Cromartie- New York Jets
Might we be seeing a “Cromar Island” in New Jersey?

9.Ladanian Tomlinson- New York Jets
Young LT or old, he’s still a threat in the backfield

10. Peyton Hillis- Cleveland Browns
Look out for AFC North, the Browns will have a run game to reckon with.

Notables- Antonio Bryant- Cincinatti Bengals, Leon Washington- Seattle Seahawks, Kyle Vanden Bosche- Detroit Lions, Alen Faneca- Arizona Cardinals, Joey Porter- Arizona Cardinals, Tedd Ginn- San Fransisco 49ers, Jammal Brown- Washington Redskins, Chester Taylor- Chicago Bears

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13 years ago

Why is peyton hillis number 10????? LMAO
Jason Campbell>Hillis an he aint even mentioned SMH

13 years ago

ginn should never ever be mentioned

and i agree campbell should be on the list, montario hardesty > hillis