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Madden 11 Speed, Acceleration, Agility

In this months issue of GI there is an interesting article about Madden 11 which states that speed will no longer be as important as acceleration or agility. This could have a huge factor in WRs not being as effective as they once were now that 90-99 speed ratings don’t mean as much as it used to be. If you had a 90-99 speed WR, it didn’t really matter if they had acceleration and agility ratings in the 80s because the speed rating was more of a factor in the WR’s actual game speed.

Also included in the article is how the right stick will be improved. The player will now have to use an early twitch of the stick to perform a juke/spin before the defender is engaged. In the past, using the juke/spin late worked just as well. GI also states that co-op will be back and the game will ship with the AFL and Madden Ultimate Team features, which a lot of players enjoyed in Madden 10. Remember, don’t go after speed alone this year, you could be very disappointed with the outcome.

Written by Moores Pats

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  1. I disagree my team has at least 3 or 4 speed wr’s and im sure they’ll definitely be a probem for any Defense so even though speed might not be as good as it once was i bet i can still make speed a factor.

  2. I’m real interested to see how this system is implemented in to the game. Hmm, I wonder if they’ll redo stats like agility and acceleration to more accurately simulate real movement.

  3. Speed will still be a big factor as it always has been in madden, but i hope that other ratings like agility and acceleration are actually useful and not irrelevant like before

  4. so your saying if i increased lets say marques colstons agility and acceleration to 95 and 97 speed wouldnt matter?