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NCAA Football Vs. Madden

EA has been introducing two brand new football games to the public every year since 1994. The 1st installment of EA’s NCAA game was interestingly called Bill Walsh College Football. Over the years. Madden and NCAA, respectively, had stayed very similar to each other, but recently there has been major differences and subtlety that should be noted by the players. As EA and Tiburon attempt to make Madden and NCAA more realistic, the gameplay and nuances between the two games really start to shine through. I will try to analyze the core differences between EA’s two football franchises and help you decide which game suits yourself the best.

First of all, Madden is definitely the crown of EA Sports. Many people buy the game year in and out, for the simple fact that they love the NFL and want to recreate it on their living room. Madden has been going strong ever since it was first released in 1989. Over the years, the technology of the game has obviously became much more advanced as well as a much improved graphical layout.

Second of all, NCAA, another very popular title of the EA Sports franchise and has been thriving as of late, games are bought mostly by younger people who love the game of college football. To me, NCAA really captures the atmosphere of college football. Rivalry games feels just like a real one in NCAA, and it feels just as good to beat Ohio State with Michigan in the game as it does in real life.

Comparing those two games, the main “X-Factor” that I found was the amount of fun I had between playing the two games. NCAA just seems like it is more fun to play and to mess around with your friends, whereas Madden is set in an ultra competitive atmosphere where only the best of the best can succeed. Do not get me wrong, I love both NCAA and Madden and will definitely be buying both of them, but the atmospheres of the games seems to directly reflect the intricacies of the games in general. NCAA is much more geared towards young people and the idea of just having a blast. The spread offense and zone read are just purely entertaining to watch, and the NCAA game really shows the excitement of the spectacular plays that ensues in those types of offenses. Madden also reflects the way the NFL is ran, which is to win at all costs and play power football, just like how the NFL is portrayed as.

Even though the main attractions of NCAA and Madden appears to be the atmosphere of the game, there are also many technical differences that separate the two. New technical prospects are also being introduced in this year’s installment. NCAA will have the zone read down to perfection, and it will be run just like it is in college football, while Madden is attempting to perfect the play calling system with Gameplan and Gameflow. Both NCAA and Madden will be fantastic games with some excellent new features for you to enjoy!

NCAA and Madden are both must buys in my opinion; however, if you only have the money to buy one game, I would suggest buying the game that best suits your real life interests. Whether that is partying and tailgating at universities, and watching the explosive spread offenses and the strange wacky defenses teams try to implement (NCAA), or watching a pro-style passing attack that employs the basic idea of smash ’em in the mouth NFL). Thanks for reading!

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Moss Bexzams
Moss Bexzams
5 years ago

also NCAA is more lighthearted while the NFL is more of a must win at all costs