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Top 5 Tight Ends in Madden 16

The top 5 tight ends for Madden NFL 16 have now been announced!  Their overall ratings range from 91 to 99 overall.  Rob Gronkowski is the highest rated tight end in the game with a 99 overall rating.  We have the full list below.

  1. Rob Gronkowski – 99 Overall: Gronk has three of the top ratings among tight ends with 94 Spectacular Catch, 98 Catch in Traffic, and 95 Release. He adds 94 Catching and 82 SPD/87 ACC/84 JMP/84 SFA. When healthy, there’s nobody better.
  2. Jimmy Graham – 95 Overall: Russell Wilson will welcome Graham and his 92 Catching, 90 Spectacular Catch, and 88 Catch in Traffic. He can fight for the ball with 85 SPD/92 JMP/87 RTE/88 REL.
  3. Jason Witten – 93 Overall: Witten does not dazzle with speed and quickness, but still features skills like 95 Catching, 92 Catch in Traffic, 88 Route Running, 85 Release, and 79 Spectacular Catch.
  4. Greg Olsen – 92 Overall: Olsen is an exceptional end zone target for Cam Newton with 89 Catching, 89 Jumping, 88 Spectacular Catch, 88 Release, and 87 Catch in Traffic.
  5. Travis Kelce – 91 Overall: After missing his entire rookie season due to injury, Kelce shined in his on-field debut in 2014. He brings 89 Catching, 89 Jumping, 88 Spectacular Catch, 87 Catch in Traffic, 88 Release, and 81 Route Running. He also features 85 Run Block, tops among tight ends.

Here are screenshots of the best tight ends in Madden NFL 16.

Which tight ends are overrated? Underrated?  Let us know in the comments.

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8 years ago

TEs are so OP in Madden. It is going to be fun playing with KC this year with Kelce.

8 years ago

I love olson as he hangs on to every ball but where is antonio gates!?!