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Madden NFL 16 New England Patriots Team Breakdown

The New England Patriots are one of the best teams in Madden NFL 16.  They have a great quarterback, the best tight end in the game, and a dominant defense.

We have the complete Madden 16 Patriots team breakdown below.

Team: New England Patriots

Offensive Strategy: Let Tom Brady take over.  Moving the ball with Tom Brady should be incredibly easy.  Just don’t make any dumb mistakes or force any passes and you should have no problem scoring.  Make sure not to focus too much on Rob Gronkowski as most teams will focus on trying to shut him down.

Defensive Strategy: Shut down the passing game.  The Patriots should have absolutely no problem stopping the run in Madden 16.  They have lots of talented linebackers and defensive lineman.  If you can shut down the other team’s quarterback, everything else will be easy.

Impact Players: QB Tom Brady, WR Julian Edelman, TE Rob Gronkowski, LT Nate Solder, RT Sebastian Vollmer, LE Rob Ninkovich, RE Chandler Jones, LOLB Jamie Collins, LOLB Jabaal Sheard, MLB Jerod Mayo, ROLB Dont’a Hightower, CB Logan Ryan, CB Malcolm Butler, FS Devin McCourty, SS Patrick Chung

Key Newcomers: DT Malcolm Brown, DB Jordan Richards, LOLB Jabaal Sheard

Strengths: Defense.  The Patriots have a loaded defense.  They have playmakers everywhere which should make it really hard for opposing teams to move the ball.  The cornerbacks aren’t great but every other part of that defense is dominant.

Weaknesses: Running back.  The Patriots don’t have any big time running backs for Madden purposes.  If they had a dominant running back, they might be the best team in the game.

Overview: The defending Super Bowl champion should come into Madden 16 as the highest rated team in the game.  They will be one of those teams that you see everyone playing with online.

Patriots fans, what did we miss?  Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Is this the best team going in to madden 16? We know Brady&Co. will always be a top tier team. Just what kinda corners do they really have now? We all know weak corners are a huge liability when playing madden. Every little passing scheme u go against will be difficult to stop. Looking forward to playing the Patriots

  2. Every other part of that defense is dominant? I think not.

    Yes, they have one stud safety. But the other one sucks. And they have zero CB’s. Assuming you aren’t running an Al Davis offense, you should be able to shred that secondary by targeting their CB’s with plenty of slants, crossing patterns other such quick strike throws. And if they decide to play Cover 0 or Cover 1, you should be able to beat them with the deep ball.

    I for one will welcome all the people using the Patriots.

    1. Fair point about the cornerbacks being a little weak.

  3. LeGarrette Blount is more than capable of running the ball for the Pats. They are going to miss the versatility of Shane Vereen though…

  4. With updates th pats now have some of the best CB in the leagu so update that and Dion Lewis on tosses is unstoppable. So maybe update that if you could please

    1. Thank you those two corners can hold thier own and deion I move him out of the backfield he’s a match up nightmare but now he get hurt easily

  5. The corners are underrated in all honesty just like in real life