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madden 13 running backs

Top 10 Running Backs in Madden 13

Last week, EA Sports released the quarterback ratings for Madden 13 and this week they are moving on to running backs.  Today the top 10 running backs in Madden NFL 13 were released by rating correspondent Marshall Faulk.  The list seems about right although there are arguements that could be made for some that were left off.

  1. Maurice Jones-Drew
  2. Adrian Peterson
  3. Arian Foster
  4. Lesean McCoy
  5. Ray Rice
  6. Matt Forte
  7. Frank Gore
  8. Steven Jackson
  9. Jamaal Charles
  10. Michael Turner

We have the full video with ratings below.  Look for the complete ratings off all running backs to come out a little later on in the week.

The Top 10 Overall RBs in Madden NFL 13 revealed by Ratings Correspondent Marshall Faulk!

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11 years ago

really AP 2? he got hurt, he wont be back to that old ap any time soon. and charles at 9? didnt play last year and has one good year under his belt… still not a scoring threat unless he breaks lose, CJ still got him on speed and CJ can get short yards better.. how is he not top 10? tis tis madden, always underratting Titans players..

11 years ago
Reply to  drew

Charles actually had two great years! and his ypc were higher than anyone else’s on the list and you said he’s not a scoring threat? He is a scoring threat everytime he touches the ball. He’s what you would call a home run hitter. Oh yes, he breaks loose!

Madden with a M
Madden with a M
11 years ago

Michael Turner is on this list? What in the world?