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Top 10 Rookie Defensive Playmakers in Madden 20

It is always fun to see a new class of rookies in Madden. In Madden 20, there are a few defensive rookies that stand out as playmakers.

If you missed our offensive rookie playmaker top 10 list, you can check it out here.

Let’s dive right into it.

10. Brian Burns, Carolina Panthers (75 overall)

Burns’ quickness and pass-rush ability is a rare trait and with an improved pass rush in this year’s game opposing quarterbacks will have to make quick decisions.

Burns should be all the more deadly in Madden 20. Carolina’s defense as a unit is going to surprise some people this upcoming season.

9. Christian Wilkins, Miami Dolphins (75 overall)

Miami needed a big body in the middle of the defensive line and Wilkins is that guy.

He’s versatile enough to play all throughout Flores’ defense, and is a top-10 rated rookie defensive lineman in the game.

8. Clelin Ferrell, Oakland Raiders – (74 overall)

Nobody saw the Raiders drafting Ferrell with the fourth-overall pick but surprisingly, that’s exactly what they did.

Ferrell can stop the run and work efficiently as a pass rusher. He doesn’t have elite traits but will be a consistent player for many years.

7. Devin Bush, Pittsburgh Steelers – (72 overall)

Much like White, Bush can do a little bit of everything and in a Steelers’ defense surrounded by playmakers, he should shine.

Bush is solid vs both the pass and run. His quickness and speed allow him to make plays others can not.

6. Devin White, Tampa Bay Buccaneers – (74 overall)

The best rookie linebacker in the draft went to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at #5 overall. What the Buccaneers get is a versatile three-down linebacker that can drop back and play coverage-or attack the opposing QB.

White can do it all, and will be an asset in MUT and other game modes in 2019.

5. Rashan Gary, Green Bay Packers – (73 overall)

Gary’s work ethic was brought into question pre-draft but one thing is for certain, he’s a dominant player on the virtual gridiron.

Gary, like some of the other pass rushers already mentioned, are better pass rushers than run stoppers. He can do it all.  

4. Ed Oliver, Buffalo Bills – (79 overall)

Many believed Oliver would be selected well before ninth-overall but what other teams didn’t see in the versatile defensive play-maker, the Bills and head coach Sean McDermott did.

Oliver is one of the highest rated rookies and with an elite skillset as a pass rusher, look for him to chalk up sacks in whatever format.

3. Josh Allen, Jacksonville Jaguars – (77 overall)

Allen was projected to be a top-3 pick in the 2019 draft, but fell into the Jaguars lap at #7.

Unlike the other pass rushers we previously talked about, Allen can do it all. However, he’s much better suited as an outside linebacker which is where he will likely be utilized most in Madden.

2. Quinnen Williams, New York Jets – (80 overall)

Heading into the draft process, many experts argued that Williams was the best player in the draft. Madden tends to agree as they made him the top-rated rookie in this year’s game.

Williams can occupy multiple lineman and be an asset vs the run. He’s also able to rush the passer. The perfect player.

1. Nick Bosa, San Francisco 49ers – (78 overall)

The 49ers needed a pass-rush specialist and Bosa is one of the best to come out in recent memory.

If he can stay healthy, he has the potential to be one of the elite players at his positiona nd with the enhanced pass rush in Madden 20 he may be nearly unstoppable.

Which defensive rookies are you most excited to use in Madden 20? Let us know in the comments.

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Machai salas
Machai salas
5 years ago

I guess combine results,real life attributes dont matter in madden,they just pick and choose who is faster,stronger,better,etc against everything proven?I dare anyone to look at the past 2 seasons and the 2019 nfl combine and argue that these ratings resemble accuracy.These ratings are utterly disrespectful under any excuse!If zeddick woods is fastest,how is he not even top 5?Metcalf isnt faster than parris Campbell?
Oline rated soo low so defense can rule? Zeddick woods 1 point faster than rookie linebacker lol,i could go on and on

5 years ago

I always want to buy madden,but i want it accurate day one and accountability When its not.Im paying 100 for accuracy,gameplay(Customization died with madden 12 ).But i definitely see what the community means about ea.Smh they make to much for this nonsense,i pay 100$ Only for early access,because i will never play mut (id stop playing madden if it were online only.Madden was all about franchise 2010-2012,now it milking mut

4 years ago

Sweat is going to be a force

+ +