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Top 10 Offensive Rookie Playmakers in Madden 20

Sometimes it feels like the only difference from one Madden to the next, is the shiny new rookie class. With lots of explosive playmakers on both offense and defense, it is helpful to take a look at what gamers can expect in Madden 20.

Here are the top 10 rookie offensive playmakers in this year’s game!

10. QB – Dwayne Haskins, Washington Redskins

One of the only things missing in Washington was a quarterback. Fortunately for the Redskins, that is no longer the case with Haskins in town.

Fans should be excited to have the perfect prototypical passer at the grasp of their thumbs. The Redskins got a whole lot better in Madden 20. 

9. TE – Noah Fant, Denver Broncos

During his time at Iowa, Noah Fant proved he can do it all. In fact, he was more productive than his teammate T.J Hockenson last season.

Like his fellow Hawkeye teammate, Fant should be a fan favorite in this years game. Use his rare combination of size and speed to your advantage.

8. HB – Miles Sanders, Philadelphia Eagles

Miles Sanders could possibly become the most productive rookie running back of this class and he should be the perfect fit in Philly’s offense.

He’s a smooth, natural runner that can make plays in the open field. He’s also a threat as a pass catcher. Sanders should be a special player in Madden 20.

7. WR – N’Keal Harry, New England Patriots

Bill Belichick has never used a first-round pick on a wide receiver, which tells you exactly how he feels about N’Keal Harry.

His speed and route running will be heavily utilized in Madden 20. He will be lots of fun to use if you can bring yourself to be the Patriots, of course.  

6. WR – Parris Campbell, Indianapolis Colts

Speed kills in Madden and there might be no rookie faster than Colts’ WR Parris Campbell. His ability to stretch the field makes him a player to watch in MUT, and the perfect compliment to T.Y Hilton and Devin Funchess.

The Indianapolis Colts’ offense should be one of the best in Madden 20 and the NFL.

5. HB – David Montgomery, Chicago Bears

Matt Nagy’s offense shocked the world in 2018. After trading away Jordan Howard to Philadelphia, Chicago traded up to select David Montgomery in the second round.

Montgomery might be the top rookie HB in Madden 20 and beyond. He can do it all and should quickly become the focal point of an explosive offense.

4. WR – D.K Metcalf, Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks lost Doug Baldwin this offseason, so the potential for a guy like D.K Metcalf to become the top target has presented itself.

Look for players to use his big body and speed to bully opposing defensive backs. Metcalf and quarterback Russell Wilson could be a top tandem in this year’s game.  

3. TE – T.J Hockenson, Detroit Lions

Tight Ends are a huge part of the competitive gaming community and a big bodied, explosive player like T.J Hockenson is exactly what the gamers want.

Throw the ball high and fast, and watch Hock fly.  Did I mention he’s fast too?  

2. HB – Josh Jacobs, Oakland Raiders

The Raiders lost Marshawn Lynch this offseason, so of course they used a first-round pick on a running back. Jacobs should be one of the highest rated rookies in Madden 20, and well-rounded HB for you and your team.

He might not be as juiced up as Marshawn Lynch was, but he bring his own unique skills to the table.  

1. QB – Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals

Kyler Murray might be one of the most explosive Madden players since 2004 Michael Vick. With the ability to make every throw imaginable, coupled with his elite speed, Murray should be a fan favorite for the foreseeable future.

Madden players everywhere can’t wait to scramble around and try to make unbelievable plays with Murray.

Which offensive playmakers are you most excited to use in Madden 20?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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5 years ago

I’m a huge Lions fan… but i wouldn’t necessarily say a 4.7 40 TE is fast…

Moss Bexzams
Moss Bexzams
5 years ago

You forgot how much Fun Marquise will be

Jared Lee Lybrand
Jared Lee Lybrand
4 years ago

This is terrible. You have a bunch of slow players and no Quise Brown. If you guys need someone new to write articles, let me know.

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