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worst excuses after a madden loss

Top 10 Excuses After Losing In Madden

worst excuses after a madden loss

Every year we hear some of the funniest, most ridiculous, and downright lame excuses that our opponents say after a loss.  This year we decided to compile the top 10 excuses that our opponents use after a loss.  Feel free to add some of your favorites in the comments section.

  1. “You got lucky, your not even good.”
  2. “I have to go” (right after you put the game out of reach)
  3. “I wasn’t playing with my normal team.  I play better with (insert team name)”
  4. “I was using a new playbook”
  5. A derogatory remark about your mother
  6. “I let my little brother play that game”
  7. “My controller is broken”
  8. “Get a life nerd!”
  9. Any racist remark
  10. “You only won because of ________”

Again, we would love to hear some of the things your opponents say after a game.  Let us know your favorites in the comments.  Hopefully there are less lame excuses in Madden 13.

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  1. – I was playing with my eyes shut
    – I am so good I thought give you a chance playing with one hand

  2. First48yoass is a IP Booter do not play him!

    1. LOL u put that man on BLAST! Lol he only do that too people he don’t fck with lolz… u know how niggaz are imean sht is gay and he ever did that to me I would not like it either lol. @Xbox360

  3. My favorite has been when I did the virgin mobile tournament and the guy said I was hacking because there is no way someone can get 9 int in one game… because he kept throwing it to the same guy every time and to my best CB

    1. raven,but what the best playbook .i like to run and pass

  4. I only lost coz the game lagged and screwed me on that field goal.

    1. that has actually happened to me not funny lol

  5. dude you not even good,you run the same play the whole game

    1. well i admit its a bad excuse for losing, but it really is incredibly annoying when people play like that. like c’mon run different plays, not just one cheap play over and over again

      1. You know the play is coming.. you gotta stop it.
        No excuses

        1. Yea, so you can audible it to the other side, then immediately go back to the play I just stopped 15 times. You’re like the guy who has never played through a Mario game without a warp zone… What’s the point of playing a football sim if you’re going to treat it like NFL Blitz?

        2. Yeah, remember you’re playing in the All Pro level. The AI is not going to take the same play being run for 25 mins into account. Stuff like that doesn’t happen in the All Madden level.

    2. if somebody runs the same play on you the whole game and they win…. then YOU are the one who isn’t even good. how you going to let a dude use 1 play to beat you? LEARN TO PLAY D #saintsHBpower

  6. who is better ray rice or ryan grant

    1. god, i hope thats not a serious question

    2. RAY RICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hell, I’d take Ray Rice with one good leg over Ryan Grant.

  7. I usually play on ________ (Insert different console here)

  8. i’ve got a 1000 other things on my mind i’m not even into this game.