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How The New NFL Rule Changes Will Affect Madden 16

Today the NFL owners decided to move extra points attempts back to the 15 yard line.  Attempts will now be about 33 yards instead of the usual 20 yards from previous seasons.  2 point conversions are still at the 2 yard line.

Lets take a look at how this new rule change will affect Madden 16.

There really is no big change between kicking a 20 yard attempt and a 33 yard attempt in Madden.  It is automatic either way.  So while the move back 13 yards might influence NFL teams to go for a 2 point conversion more often, it won’t have the same direct affect on Madden 16.

However, we will see a big change indirectly.  Mathematically it now makes more sense for NFL teams to go for 2 than it does to kick the extra point (based on 2013-2014 kicking statistics).  So you will see a lot more teams going for 2 in random situations.  That will make its way into Madden very quickly.  As people start to see going for 2 point conversions as not only acceptable but even “sim” you’ll see all kinds of 2 point conversion attempts.

It has always made sense to go for 2 in Madden NFL games.  Unless you are really bad, you will convert more than 50% of the time but you very rarely see anything but extra points in any competitive Madden game.  That is until Madden 16.  You will see 2 point conversions attempted much more often.

The other big change that was slightly overlooked is the possibility for the defense to return a 2 point conversion and get 2 points.  Previously, if you recovered a fumble or intercepted a pass, the play would just be over.  Now you have an opportunity to return it.  It happens all the time in Madden where you pick off an opposing 2 point conversion and you know you could have easily returned it but the play just ends.  Finally you will have a chance to return it and get some points for your effort.

Do you think we’ll see more 2 point conversions attempted in Madden 16?

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8 years ago

Yes I do,