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Teams With The Best Wide Receiving Corps To Use In Madden 19

One of the keys to being a successful Madden player is understanding your rosters, players, teams and of course, your depth charts. Many of you may not have the time necessary to spend combing through team rosters. No worries, the pros at Madden School have been studying hard to help you become the best Madden 19 player possible. Today, we’re bringing you a list of the teams with the best wide receiving corps to use in Madden 19.

Tampa Bay Bucs WR Corps

Tampa’s WR corps features two starting wide outs who are both highly rated along with two more receivers hovering right around an 80 overall.

WR DeSean Jackson – 87 overall

WR Mike Evans – 90 overall

WR Chris Godwin – 79 overall

WR Adam Humphries – 78 overall

These four players make up a deadly receiving corps because they possess both size and speed. Evans is rated a 90 overall with 90 CTH, 96 AWR and 92 ACC ratings. Couple him with Jackson’s 93 SPD, and you have a deadly receiving combo.

LA Rams WR Corps

The Rams are clearly the best team in the NFL right now, and a lot of that has to do with their immensely talented receiving corps. They have three wide outs all rated 84 overall and above.

WR Brandon Cooks – 87 overall

WR Robert Woods – 86 overall

WR – Cooper Kupp – 84 overall

Similar to Tampa, the Rams have a great combination of speed and possession style receivers. Although they do not have any players rated 90 or higher in their receiving corps, they have consistency going for them. Cooks is at an 87 with a whopping 95 SPD rating and 96 AGI. Add in Woods’ ability to possess the ball and Kupp’s versatility out of the slot and you are left with a receiving corps that will leave your opponents guessing.

Detroit Lions WR Corps

The Lions don’t get much love or attention from the Madden community, but that needs to change quickly. The Lions have three immensely talented receivers in Tate III, Marvin Jones Jr. and Kenny Golladay.

WR Golden Tate III – 89 overall

WR Marvin Jones Jr. – 87 overall

WR Kenny Golladay – 83 overall

Again, they don’t have a receiver rated higher than a 90, but all three of their top wide outs are rated 83 or higher. In a bit of an anomaly, all three have the exact same 90 SPD rating. Regardless, they’ll certainly present a challenge for any defense with their versatility.

LA Chargers WR Corps

This list must include the LA Chargers. They have an astonishing four players at WR who are rated 80 and above with Keenan Allen topping the chart at a 92 overall.

WR Keenan Allen – 92 overall

WR Tyrell Williams – 82 overall

WR Travis Benjamin – 81 overall

WR Mike Williams – 80 overall

As you can see, the Chargers are going to pose a big threat passing the ball. Benjamin is sporting a 93 SPD rating, while WR Allen is one of the top targets in the game today. Clearly, the Chargers are one of the best WR corps in the entire game.

Who are some of your top WR corps in Madden 19? Feel we left some teams out? Perhaps the Patriots, Saints, and Falcons belong on this list? For now, these are teams with the most versatile receiving corps in the game. They have it all. Speed, Size, Catching and overall Versatility.

Be sure to comment below with some of your thoughts. Also, don’t forget to register for your Madden School Unlimited membership. Sign up today and you’ll be schooling your opponents in no time.


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