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Tack in the Madden Community

Madden-School is back again for Madden 11: This is our 4th Madden season providing you tips.  Many of you do not remember our humble beginnings, so here is a quick recap:  Madden-School was started on a free forum at 1 a.m. on a cold february night.  Our intent was to improve the overall level of madden being played without using glitches or cheats.  Over the years, because of our passionate gamers and a little bit of luck, we have grown into a website with over 16,000 registered users, we have given out over $1000 dollars, we have our own server, and even deals with some big corporations. We owe this all to you, our members.  Thank you for making great. 

Now on to the point of the article…

There are a lot of tacky things going on in the madden community nowadays.  New madden websites are popping up all over the internet trying to sell what they call, “guides” to you.  The other day I saw a madden website selling a guide for madden 11 based off the demo!  Yes I said that correctly, a newer madden website is attempting to take your hard earned money by making a guide for the demo claiming that it will work in madden 11.  Why buy that guide when madden-school is giving you tips for free? Members of our staff have had legitimate copies of Madden 11 for over a week. 

I see websites all the time trying to sell “guides” that are just a list of plays off the top of the guys head.  No explanations, no order, no videos and no customer service.  I understand why it is tempting to buy those guides.  They are only $10-15 dollars.  I was once a victim of buying those guides, and that was long before everyone and their mother started selling madden guides.  Don’t fall into the trap of cheap goods.

Now you are confronted with hundreds of madden websites all trying to sell you something.  Before you buy anything from anyone (including madden-school), check out the free tips on our website. We are providing free HD video tips to anyone who happens to come across madden-school.  Our free tips are better than 95% of the guides out on the market, and will save you lots of money.

Madden-School is no nonsense. Check out some videos on youtube of some of our competitors.  You see teenage kids prancing around and dancing while talking about how their madden website is the best.  We don’t do that here.  95% of our current users heard about madden-school in 2 ways.

  1. A friend told them about madden-school because their friend thought madden-school was helpful
  2. You found madden-school because google, yahoo, or another search engine thought we were the best madden website

We will not go on youtube talking about how cool we are, dancing infront of a camera, or going on a radio show and screaming about how amazing our website is.  We will let you judge for yourself.  We will not get caught up in the way madden websites are becoming.  We will continue to provide you with the best free tips around, and when we do sell you something, it will be a very high quality product. That is the madden-school promise to you.  We hope you decide to make madden-school your home for Madden 11.

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