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Madden 11 Money Play- Strong Close WR Out

This play is a great man and zone beater in madden 11.  Strong Close Off Tackle isn’t nearly as good as it was last year, so you may need some new plays in the strong close formation.  We took this play fromthe Green Bay Packers playbook but it can be found in plenty of others as well.  We are trying to keep our tips for this years game as simple as possible because of the strategy pad.  This play has no pre-snap adjustments.

Play: Strong Close WR Out

Setup: No pre-snap hot routes or motions required.


1. If your opponent is in man to man defense, your fullback should be open for a nice 5-10 yard gain

2. If your opponent is in zone defense, your outside left wide receiver should be open for a nice catch and run

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  1. a defensive scheme with the DE's covering the flats and a CB man up on the WR would kill that play.

    1. If only madden was played where the defense new the play before it happened. If you have to dedicate 2 players to cover 1 receiver, I win because that opens up other receivers and the run.

      1. I was going to reply with a similar comment. I was would only add that if I saw DE's running to the flats, I would start running right behind the guards and tackles until for 5-10 yards until the DE's start staying home again..haha. I like the play. Thanks!

    2. Not if your opponent has a running play with the same formation.

    3. No it won't. Especially if you sub a running back at the fb position. The speed difference would still allow for the running back to get open and then burn the DE after the catch for about 5-7 yards east. And a cb man on the X receiver will get destroyed if you lead it right as your receiver is making the cut.

  2. any zone coverage that has a man in the flats (cover 2 or cover 3) would kill that play for the WR.

    1. Yeah, but then the tightend over the middle of the field will be open once he cuts across the middle of the field. And he'll also take the middle linebacker with him slightly, allowing for the second reciever to be open on the curl route. I ran this play alot before ever seeing it here. If you mix it with running, it's difficult to stop. I rarely ever get stopped, unless its a bad pass.

  3. You would think that wouldnt you? Sadly having a defender in a flat zone does nothing to stop it.

  4. to shut theis play dwn is to play a 2 man under press put your safety thats onthe fb side on a flat zone and user with the safety i play this alot online i put them locks on this play/formation

  5. The best defense for that is 46. Safety will go to the fb/hb to the flat and you have to have a beast at corner to cover the out route…and 90+ speed doesn't equal beast…he has to have spd and a high MCV