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How To Stop Singleback Deuce Close in Madden 18

Singleback Deuce Close is one of the most popular offenses in Madden 18.  In this tip, Arozy is going over how to lock up the formation using one play.

Check out the full breakdown below.

Madden 18: How To Stop Singleback Deuce Close

Playbook: Baltimore Ravens (and many others)

Formation: 3-4 Odd

Play: Tampa 2


  1. Press coverage
  2. Pinch your defensive line and crash them down
  3. Spy the left of screen outside linebacker
  4. Man up right of screen outside linebacker on the tight end

Overview: This setup will stop the stretch and wham very easily. Against plays like TE or PA Misdirection the corner routes and crossing routes will be covered. Your responsibility will be to user the drag and to release the spy by clicking in your right trigger once they begin to roll out.

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