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Madden 18 divisional round

Madden 18 Divisional Round Roster Update Winners And Losers

The latest roster update is available to download on both PS4 and Xbox One, and there are some big changes this week. The pros at Madden School are back with our ratings update analysis. After a bit of a hiatus, here are the Madden 18 divisional round roster update winners and losers.


QB Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers

up 2 points from 85 to an 87 overall

Cam Newton’s overall rating has been up and down all season, but the Panthers QB sees his overall rating go up this week. The fact that Carolina made the playoffs and he played well against the Saints warrants he finishes on a positive. In particular, Newton’s AWR rating rose 3 points while his MAC rating went up by 2 points. Anyone who likes to play with Carolina is happy to see these two categories go up.

RB Kareem Hunt, Kansas City Chiefs

up 1 point from 86 to an 87 overall

The rookie RB went up one point after his big effort against the Titans in the Wild Card round of the playoffs. Hunt ended up one of the highest rated rookies in the game with an 87 overall rating. Hunt’s AWR rose by 2 points while his AGI went up by 1. Hunt is a one of the best young backs to build around in Madden 18 and his overall rating reflects it.

WR Robert Woods, LA Rams

up 1 point from 83 to 84 overall

Woods really had a great season, and his 84 overall rating is tops on his team among WR’s. The Rams offense has three great players at the WR position with Woods leading the pack. Woods’ AWR rose by 2 points while his CAR and BCV both rose by 1 point.

RB Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans

up 1 point from 82 to 83 overall

After his breakout performance in a win against the Chiefs in the Wild Card round, Henry’s overall rating goes up by 1 point. It seems like the young RB might deserve a 2 point hike in his overall rating given it was a playoff game, but the Madden ratings team rewards consistency, so we’ll have to see a similar performance again this week in the Divisional round of the playoffs. Regardless, Henry’s overall rating has gone up over the course of the season as it has rose from 79 to an 83.

Madden 18


WR Tyreek Hill, Kansas City Chiefs

down 1 point from 87 to an 86 overall

Tyreek Hill didn’t have his best game in the Wild Card round, and his overall rating dropped by 1 point as a result. The second year WR is still one of the league’s most deadliest weapons on offense and returning kicks and punts. The only real significant drop was in Hill’s CTH rating that fell by 1 point.

RB Mark Ingram II, New Orleans Saints

down 1 point from 88 to an 87 overall

Mark Ingram was shut down other than his TD. Besides that, Ingram’s performance didn’t have much impact on the game for the Saints, and it looks like his RB counterpart Alvin Kamara could be featured as we move forward through the playoffs. Regardless, Ingram drops off by 1 point in his overall rating. It’s important to note that only his BCV rating went down and only by 1 point at that, so don’t worry too much about using Ingram if you like playing with the Saints.

QB Blake Bortles, Jacksonville Jaguars

down 2 points from 81 to 79 overall

Bortles didn’t have the best first playoff game for a QB, and his overall rating suffered with a 2 point drop as a result. The Jags offense really struggled against the Bills in the Wild Card game, and Bortles is taking a hit in his overall rating. Bortles’ SAC, MAC, and DAC all fell off by 1 point, and that will certainly lead to a drop in his overall rating.

CB Trumaine Johnson, LA Rams

down 2 points from 84 to an 82 overall

Trumaine Johnson was simply taken to school, no pun intended, by the Falcon wide outs. The result is a 2 point drop in his overall rating. Johnson took a hit in both his MCV and ZCV ratings as they both fell by 1 point. The Rams CB lost points in the two most vital categories for any corner, and that equates to the 2 point dip.

madden 18 divisional round ratings updateTakeaway

For some reason, there weren’t many big time ratings changes this week, even after some big performances. Of course, there are more games to be played, and once the Divisional Round games are over we might see some bigger ratings changes. It seems like this weekend has the potential for some big performances which would mean moves in the Madden ratings.

Check out the full database on the EA Sports Madden ratings page.

Are there any players who you feel deserve to move up in the ratings? What are your biggest ratings surprises from the latest roster update? Get the conversation started in the comments section below.

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