We’ve covered a lot of general Madden 17 money plays and nano blitzes so far but you should also have some situational calls like how to stop the QB Sneak out of the Goalline formation that everyone runs on 4th and 1 or shorter.

Here is a way that works pretty consistently.  Check it out below.

Madden School AppPlaybook: Any

Formation: Goalline 5-4-2

Play: Sam Blitz


  1. All you have to do is spread your defensive line.

Overview: This is a great way to stop the QB sneak or Fb dive on the goalline. It doesn’t stop the play for a loss 100% of the time, but it is about as consistent as you can expect.

madden 17 qb skean 1

All you do to set this play up is spread your defensive line.

madden 17 qb sneak 2

This is how it should look before the snap from the defenses point of view.

madden 17 qb sneak 3

Notice that right when the quarterback snaps the ball, our defensive tackle directly in front of the center tackles him for a loss.

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