Beating man coverage is always a staple of football, whether it’s Madden 17 or real life. In today’s tip, we are going to show you a very simple and unique route found in most playbooks that can destroy man coverage no matter who is running the route.

You can check out the full breakdown below.

Playbook: Denver Broncos

Formations: Gun Doubles HB Wk and WR Trey Open

Play: Various Plays


  1. – (Pre-Snap) Just check for man coverage and set up the play however you like
  2. – (Post-Snap) Wait for the route to break and give it about .5 seconds after the break to pass lead the throw as the receiver continues to accelerate.

Overview: Incorporate this route into your offense when you are expecting your opponent to be in man to man coverage.

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Let’s take a quick look at this route in more detail.

madden 17 money route 1

You can see that right away our receiver looks well covered.

madden 17 money route 2

As he starts making his break toward the sideline, that is when you should throw it.

madden 17 money route 3

By the time we make the catch, we have good separating from the defender.