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Singleback Bunch vs Cover 3 Defense

In today’s free Madden tip, SnA Exclusive is going over a way to beat the 3-4 Normal cover 3 defense from the Singleback Bunch formation.

Madden 15: Singleback Bunch vs Cover 3 Defenses

Playbook: San Francisco 49ers

Formation: Singleback Bunch


Spacing & Spacing Switch
Flanker Drive

Setup: The only setup you need to do for any of these plays is with Seattle, just put the B WR on a Fade route. You can also put the X WR in the Flanker Drive play on an Out Route or something to hold the flat defender.

Reads: The only progression you go through is with Flanker Drive. The progression is B –> A –> Y –> RB.

Overview: First of all guys, I didn’t show any run plays from this formation because everyone knows about Toss Crack, inside smash, misdirection, counter, etc. Make sure you run these plays with those plays to give yourself a good scheme and limit your predictability. But since most people love running 46/4-4 Cover 2 Invert or Cover 3, these plays shred those plays and you can mix these play calls up and down the field and force people to run different coverages that they aren’t comfortable in.


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