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Madden 15 Shotgun Ace Twins Breakdown

Today’s Madden 15 mini scheme from the mind of SnA Exclusive goes over a few plays from the Shotgun Ace Twins formation.

Madden 15 Shotgun Ace Twins Breakdown

Playbook: Denver (I’m using custom)

Formation: Shotgun Ace Twins


HB Quick Base
Inside Zone
Slot Under
Jet Sweep

Recommendations to make scheme even better:

1. Mobile QB
2. 2 TE’s who can block and 2 TE’s with good route running
3. HB with 95+ speed
4. 1 WR with 95+ speed and good route running/catching
5. Good run blocking OL (with impact blocking)


Slot Under: Against man coverage hit the slant route and if that’s user covered hit the corner route. Against zone coverage either audible to Smash (if cover 2) or just force the slant route or scramble.

Smash: Against cover 2, hit the corner route or the seam route to the Y TE. Against cover 3 hit the quick hitch route when your WR engages with the flat defender.

Overview: This formation works great when used in combination with Pistol Ace Twins (with Strong Power as an audible) along with Shotgun Twins TE Flex Wk (with Inside Zone as an audible). What makes this formation great is the vast amount of run plays (Quick Base, inside zone, counter, read option, jet sweep) you can use along with the man and zone beaters that require lots of user coverage in order to defeat, leaving other things open.

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