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4-3 Odd Cover 3 Breakdown For XBOX One and PlayStation 4

In today’s free Madden 15 tip, SnA Exclusive goes over one of his defenses from the New England Patriots defensive playbook.

4-3 Odd Cover 3 Buzz Breakdown

Playbook: New England

Formation: 4-3 Odd

Play: Cover 3 Buzz

Setup: The only set up is to control the LOLB (right middle LB on screen) and make sure you are assigned to the flats. If you are not, just base align but most of the time you will be.

Before the snap, if you think a run is coming or PA, slightly hold down on the left stick to give your guy a head start at shooting the gap between the RG and RT. This will destroy most run plays and give you good penetration into the backfield.

Reads: Basically post-snap you’re just reading if there’s a guy that’s going into the flats. You should always go to the flats FIRST just to give the offense the illusion that you’re going to play there, but if you think the flat guy isn’t a threat, just roam wherever you want, that’s the great thing about this play.

Overview: This formation allows 4-3 teams to get a true 3-4 look on defense and have access to exclusive plays such as the Cover 4 drop, Cover 3 Buzz, and all sorts of blitzes from this formation.

It’s a balanced look so even if you run Cover 3 Buzz as your primary play, you can always switch to cover 4 without the other team knowing because of how the safeties and corners are positioned. Overall, this formation and play is very balanced against the run and pass and offers good pass rush as well (not shown in this video because the CPU is godlike at blocking in practice mode, unfortunately…)

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