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Madden 13 Tips: Using Offensive Audibles

Using audibles has always been a big part of competitive madden gaming.  When used correctly, create dangerous matchups that will lead to quick touchdowns.  In the video below, we demonstrate one way of using an audible to your advantage.  Please note that if you abuse audibles in an abusive way, you may not be allowed to compete in “sim leagues,”  but if you are planning on playing madden 13 for money or in tournaments, this is something you should use to your advantage.

In the video below, you will notice that we come out in a 5 wide receiver set so that the defense is forced to come out in a pass defense.  Note: If the defense comes out in a run defense, just run one of your favorite shotgun plays.  We make sure that our fastest player is in the slot position that Devin Hester is shown below.  Then audible to your favorite run play.  When you do this, you have a wide receiver in every skill position on the field.  Now no matter what play you call, you will have a mismatch.

If your opponent comes out in a run defense, you have 5 wide receivers on the field, so you can easily pass.  If your opponent comes out in a pass defense, you have Devin Hester or another fast player of your choice at running back so you can get an easy 5-10 yards on the ground.

The same concept can be applied to your madden 13 defense, but that is a lesson for another day.

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