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Shotgun Spread Y-Flex Mini Scheme

In this free Madden 15 tip, SnA Exclusive breaks down the Shotgun Spread Y-Flex formation found in the Oakland Raiders playbook.

The video goes over 4 plays and ways to beat cover 2, cover 3, and cover 4 defenses.  Make sure to mix in the HB Quick Base with this scheme.  It is a good consistent running play and will make the passing plays in this scheme more effective.

Madden NFL 15 Offense Scheme: Shotgun Spread Y-Flex

Playbook: Oakland Raiders

Formation: Shotgun Spread Y-Flex


– HB Quick Base
– PA Deep Outs
– Curl Flats
– Corner Strike

Overview: Shotgun Spread offers a balanced look on both sides of the field and the ability to attack any coverage in the game and force your opponent to guard both sides of the field equally, unlike trips/unbalanced formations. It also allows you to spread your opponent out and run the ball effectively with the Quick Base play.

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