Punting is incredibly important in Madden 15 and in all Madden games for that matter.  It isn’t as simple as just getting full power on the kick meter because that opens you up to big returns.

That is why we decided to go over the way that most hardcore Madden players punt the ball.  When done correctly, the ball will hit in front of the punt returner and then bounce right past him for 10-30 extra yards.

It also makes it extremely difficult to get a good punt return.  The video goes over how to do it, but in case you can’t listen to the audio, all you do is:

Aim the punt arrow all the way down and outside the numbers. Press in on the right stick, flick the stick down and then up. Release the right stick after the ball is in the air. You press down on the right stick and release once the ball is in the air because to me it has something to do with the angle and bounce of the football.

Special teams can make all the difference in Madden, so even though you may only use this technique once every few games, it can still come in very handy.