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Madden 15 Nickel Strong – Sugar 3 Seam Edge Blitz

In today’s free Madden School tip, SnA Exclusive is going over a way to bring heat in Madden 15.  This blitz has worked for the past few Madden games, so it is something you will also want to try when Madden 16 comes out in August.

This play is pretty easy to set up and when you set it up correctly, it is balanced so you don’t have any obvious weaknesses.

Madden 15 Defense Tip: Nickel Strong Sugar 3 Seam

Playbook: Cover 2 and Multiple D

Formation: Big Nickel Strong

Play: Sugar 3 Seam


  1. Base Align
  2. Crash Defensive line down
  3. Shift LB right and re-blitz LOLB (right on dpad) *optional but recommended*
  4. Fake blitz ROLB *optional but creates double edge*
  5. Pass Commit *optional and removes threat of PA*

Overview: This has been a blitz that’s carried over through 3 versions of Madden now and I still like it a lot due to the balanced look it gives along with how well it stops the outside run game and quick passes down the seams. Rushing 5 gives you instant left edge heat with the option of getting double edge if you hold the LB that covers the middle of the field.

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Louis Mayall
Louis Mayall
9 years ago

I wish madden was programmed properly so some of the in game blitzes would work, instead of having to mess around with this cheeser stuff. No disrespect, I just wish it was possible to play the game properly, without having to exploit the game to get results.

9 years ago
Reply to  Louis Mayall

There is nothing cheese about this blitz at all. In fact it’s about as sim of a zone blitz as you will find. You’re overloading one of the edges which is as basic as they come and is very much in line with how teams blitz in real life.

9 years ago

If you run a cover 6. Try to mix in a cover 1 and you will employ a cover 7. Every team in the NFL runs a cover 7. I’m working on it now.