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How To Set Your Audibles in Madden 17

Properly setting up your audibles can give you a huge advantage in Madden NFL 17 and any other Madden game for that matter.  Instead of having 4 random audibles that EA Sports picks out for you, you can choose the best plays in each formation.  Doing this will make your offense harder to stop and your defense much more versatile.

Here’s how to set up your audibles.

At the main menu screen, scroll all the way over to customize.

madden 17 audibles 1

Once you click on customize, scroll down to “Customize Playbooks.”

madden 17 audibles 2

Choose the playbook you want to change the audibles in.  If you want to customize the audibles in the Cardinals playbook, you’d choose the Cardinals playbook like we do here.  If you’d like to change the audibles in another playbook, you will have to scroll over to that team.

madden 17 audibles 3

Select the formation that you want to change the audibles for.  You can change the audibles for any formation in your team’s playbook.

madden 17 audibles 4

Choose the play within that formation that you’d like to replace.

madden 17 audibles 5

Select the new play you want to use in it’s place.

madden 17 audibles 6

Save the playbook and you are all done.

When you go into a game, you will have to use the custom playbook with your saved audibles.  So for our example using the Cardinals offense playbook, we will not want to choose the default Cardinals offense playbook anymore.  The customized audibles are only found in a new created playbook.

Questions?  Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Mut variations has taken the community by storm, and this feature is not accessible in ultimate team.

  2. Can you let how too get in this tournament please thank you Keith rivers

    1. I’m not sure which tournament you are referring to.

  3. I’ll link the thread when I find it. Again, this could be huge to see the CPU AI tom Brady, Peyton manning, etc play true to life and keep us on our toes.

  4. My audibles will not save in Madden NFL 17. I tried it in every mode and it wont play. I go in custom rosters save my audibles and then i get into a game or practice and their set back to the default. My custom playbook shows active but the audibles dont work.

  5. I customized a playbook using this method but am I able to use my playbook if im playing as a coach in franchise mode? I went to my coach in franchise mode but it doesnt have my custom playbook in the offensive playbooks

  6. An additional defensive back helps protect against the pass. Be sure the “nickel back” is lined up against the slot receiver. Optimum against 3 WR sets. Losing a linebacker means losing a good tackler. Use packages to ensure best corners are against best receivers. Your nickel back isn’t as skilled as your starters, usually.

  7. Post comment

    Glenn Elliott Pennington says:

    When i hit x for an audible they don’t come up in the practice or game modes. Do i have the settings wrong or what

  8. I can’t get my audibles to save in my madden online franchise? Even if I use a custom playbook it never saves the audibles just lets me use the playbook. I’ve even tried using a teams normal playbook within the franchise and setting Audibles in practice and they never are the same when playing a game? Am I missing something or is this a common issue

  9. How do I save audibles for goaline formation?

    I did it once, not sure how to change them again.