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Madden 17 Demo Information

EA Sports has not released a demo for their Madden NFL series for a few years now.  That means unfortunately, you should not expect a traditional demo for Madden 17.

XBOX One owners will, however, have a chance to play Madden NFL 17 early if they are part of the EA Access program which costs $5 per month or $30 per year.

Look for Madden 17 to show up 5 days early via EA Access.  You will likely be limited to around 10 hours of gameplay but it will give you access to the complete game during that time.

PlayStation 4 owners are out of luck and will have to wait until August 23rd to get their hands on Madden NFL 17.

Does not having a demo impact your decision on whether or not to buy Madden 17?  Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Why would you not grant access to atleast one part of the game? I.e the training camp. Customer loyalty is something that should be appreciated at some level.

  2. yes it will impact my decision due to that I think last years gameplay was awful and they have taken the fun out of madden. So Madeen is now and ackronem for NFL no fun league they’re doing to much in all the catches having to hold the buttons until to the ground, quarterbacks can’t throw simple passes without launching them into outer space. So not having a demo might make me not purchase madden this year and I’ve been a fan since the square body’s the start. It’s getting to complicated and time consuming I am not a child so I don’t have time to invest in the intricacies of the different catches or modes in certain situations, like if he’s doing this I have to do this to counteract this.

  3. It won’t impact if I buy it or not, but I’d much rather be able to try it out and get the feel for it before I get the game. I think all games should have a playable demo even if it’s for a limited time.

    1. It will affect my decision for sure. I need to see changes or will just continue to play madden 25. It’s not like nba 2k where I’m buying regardless. Madden used to be like that but I need a more lasting appeal from madden series

      1. I agree man! I bought madden 15, and 16, and sold them. The game play is horrible, and the run game is terrible! Also don’t like how the opposing online player knows what play you picked. Not a fan of the new catch style either.

  4. I feel you showing favoritism for Xbox one users. It’s kind of like a slap in the face to your PS4 customers

  5. I wus very disappointed with last year version of madden. The catch concept made it very difficult to enjoy . I have been playing madden since 1992 and first time last year I lost interest in madden I just start back playing this week .I have a Xbox 1 so I will be able to see if I am going to see if it is worth the money

  6. I prefer a demo because I have a ps4 and it’s the least you guys could do to help some see if we’re interested and help with the learning curve of the new mechanics

  7. It would be awesome to be able to see if the most unrealistic throws are still there. Because no matter how garbage no NFL qb throws the damn ball in the stands on a bad throw.

  8. I think it should b a demo we as customers deserve to c how a game react and plays especially when we r the ones paying sixty some DOLLARS for ur games…..

  9. It absolutely affects my decision! I think it’s worse than crap that PS4 users have to wait until the launch and XBOX One users can play a week early! I have been a PlayStation customer since the first PlayStation came out. if they don’t balance it out so we get demos at the same time I will switch to XBOX One and that sucks cause I hate XBOX.

  10. It will impact the my decision last wasn’t that great.So I’m not sure how im supposed to know if it’s good or not