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5 Best Teams To Rebuild In Madden 22 Franchise Mode

It’s that team of the year again when gamers everywhere have to decide which team they will use in Madden 22’s franchise mode. Boring people will choose teams that are already stacked like the Chiefs, Ravens, or Buccaneers.

Those of us who like a little bit of a challenge, though, try to rebuild franchises that are down and out. It’s hard, but it is rewarding.

Today we will be going over a list of 5 NFL teams that you may want to use in your Madden 22 franchise rebuild. Let’s dive in!

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars are probably the most obvious choice for a rebuild in Madden 22. Not only have they been struggling for the past decade, they had the worst record in the NFL last year and were able to draft a generational talent at QB in Trevor Lawrence.

If you do decide to rebuild this team, you’ll need to completely remake the defense, and add some weapons on offense to compliment your rookie QB.

This won’t be a quick rebuild. Expect at least a 3 year timeframe to make the Jaguars competitive in franchise mode. If you are able to make the Jaguars competitive, you should feel proud of yourself as it will have been quite the accomplisment!

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons are another tough team to rebuild. They have some pieces on defense as well young playmakers on offense like Kyle Pitts and Calvin Ridley but with the loss of Julio Jones and an aging Matt Ryan, it makes sense to start the rebuild sooner rather than later.

If you can hit on a young franchise quarterback, pair him with a decent running back, and add more talent to the defense, you’ll have the Falcons ready to compete! All of that is much easier said than done so be prepared for a bit of a journey if you try to rebuild the Falcons.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals are 1 year ahead of the Jaguars in their rebuild but there is still a long way for them to go. If they are your choice, you’ll have lots of young talent on offense that needs to be developed. You’ll need to do that while basically doing a total overhaul on defense except for a few pieces.

If you are an LSU Tiger fan, the temptation to see Joe Burrow with Ja’Marr Chase in the NFL may be too strong to overcome.

New York Jets

The Jets are just like the Jaguars but maybe even a little harder to turn around. Zach Wilson isn’t rated as highly as Trevor Lawrence and it will be tempting to try to make due with the pieces around him but eventually you’ll need to tear the team down to the rookie QB, the young OL, and a few other strategic pieces here and there.

From their you can rebuild them into a team that competes every year in the AFC East. This should be a 3+ year turnaround in franchise mode. If you can do it any faster than that, you are a truly excellent GM.

Houston Texans

Possibly the hardest rebuild in the game would be the Houston Texans provided you trade away or bench Deshaun Watson to maintain realism.

With Watson, it is a fairly straightforward rebuild. Without him, you have to build the Texans from the ground up with very little young talent to speak of. You’ll have to draft well for 3-4 years and make smart trades to turn this team around in Madden 22.

Which teams did we miss? Which teams are you most excited to rebuild in Madden 22’s franchise mode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Miami Dolphins would be a decent rebuild.

    1. They definitely would be a fun team to use, they just are well on their way to being rebuilt already

  2. I used the Falcons to rebuild. I won the Super Bowl after year 1. Just a thing to know-Javonte Willams is a beast. Once you get his star breakout game (going to Superstar) it gave me a breakout game for X-Factor the very next week. You will need to upgrade his Elusive Back a lot because of his speed but he runs people over like crazy. Only 3, 4 touchdown games with him and you have a X-Factor

  3. The Texans rebuild was the first franchise I tasked myself with. Traded Watson after benching him for a full season. I pretty much did a heads up trade for Trey Lance. (He’s well into the 90+ OVR range 3 years in.) Another player I highly suggest acquiring is Deonte Harris. We lost in the Wild Card in year 2, and were contending for the SB by year 3. Highly suggest the Texans.

  4. I did a 5 year rebuild of the falcons. by the end I was able to get a 96 overall QB a Maxed out Najee , Pitts,Parsons and AJ Terrell. I made a few blockbester trades to get Najee Parsons and even Rondale Moore 2 super Bowls in 3 appearences