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Recapping Madden 18’s Gameplay Improvements And New Features

There are all sorts of new gameplay features and improvements in Madden 18. To this point, the most discussed feature making its debut in Madden 18 is Target Passing. But there are plenty of other gameplay improvements and features new to this year’s game that we haven’t talked much about. So today, we’re recapping Madden 18’s gameplay improvements and new features.   

New Playbooks and Formations

Even though EA hasn’t completely revamped playbooks, they have tweaked them a little for Madden 18. New formations like Gun Wing Flex Offset should only enhance gameplay, strategy, and overall play calling. Diverse playbooks are typically loaded with many different formations, so adding new ones allows for a more in-depth game experience.

New WR Controls

Steerable Run After Catch (RAC) is the first of Madden 18’s gameplay improvements that you’ll notice off the bat. According to feedback from those who attended EA’s Play event and the annual E3 convention, the Steerable RAC eliminates those annoying instances when a pass near the sidelines carries your WR/RB straight out of bounds.

This happens all the time if you throw a pass to the “short side” of the field and near the sideline. For example, the RB Swing passes thrown near the sideline almost always carry your RB straight out of bounds leaving you with absolutely no chance to cut up the sideline.

Ratings & Measurements Play Bigger Role

Speaking of WR’s, one of Madden 18’s gameplay improvements eliminates annoying dropped passes. According to Rex Dickson, one of Madden’s key game developers, WR’s with a certain catch rating (like 90 or higher, for example) will not EVER drop a wide open pass. That doesn’t mean they’ll just haul in every ball thrown their way regardless of coverage. It just means that your stud WR’s like Julio Jones, or Antonio Brown, will not drop wide open passes given their catch rating is higher than a minimum number, like 90.

Also, your stronger players are noticeably stronger than their opposition. Same goes for other measurements such as height, speed, and acceleration. You should see a noticeable difference when controlling players who are stronger or faster than their defender/opposition.

Blocking, Defender Engagement, and Tackle Animations

These areas of gameplay were in desperate need of an upgrade. Madden 18 improves the overall look and feel of the battle in the trenches between O-lineman and D-lineman. O-lineman will now have the ability to cut block, chip defenders, and perform reach blocks.  and definitely creates a more realistic style of blocking and engagement in the trenches. D-line gameplay improvements such as reach tackles and 3-man tackle animations make Madden 18 a more realistic experience when playing on defense. These are definitely welcomed improvements in the Madden community.

DB/WR Best-On-Best Matchups, Coaching Adjustments

This is undoubtedly one of Madden 18’s gameplay improvements that we’re all looking forward to. No longer will you have to guess where your opponent’s top WR might line up, and hope that you’ve situated your number one DB to cover that player.

Instead, you can just set a Best-On-Best defensive match-up. Want Richard Sherman to shadow Julio Jones all over the field regardless of where he lines up? Well, you’re in luck. Madden 18 has added this defensive feature to improve your gameplay experience, and possibly level the playing field when you’re facing top tier WR’s and diverse offensive schemes.

Visuals & Frostbite

The incorporation of the Frostbite game engine makes Madden 18 the best looking game to date. According to Rex Dickson, Madden 18’s new game engine gives us “crisper looking jukes,” and “interactive sidelines.” Both of which will help elevate the overall look of the new game, and should provide you with a more realistic NFL Football Game experience.       

Madden 18 will be here before you know it, and now we have rookie player ratings to go along with the official trailer. That means it’s time to start brushing up on your Madden skills. Register for your Madden School Unlimited Membership today, and get ready to dominate your opponents. Sign up now and get a jump on the competition.

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6 years ago

Can you guys make button to extend the ball? Close to a first down or the goaline should be a button to extend the ball? Would be more realistic

6 years ago

Looking forward to the new madden season! hope you guys can keep me competitive with all the young kids!

Madden School
6 years ago

We will do out best!